1. BlueSundays

    strange phenom it seems with 990 600 ohm headphones

     Once upon a time when I had a "job" (deployed to Baghdad) and I had money, I had a beyer 990 600ohm set of cans with black dragon rewire. Now I had a good ole sony x7esd for a source and a woo audio 2 AND a cary 300 F1. Now listening to these cans, they had an awful muffled sound. Now I tried...
  2. Andrew_WOT

    JenaLab recabled R10

    Just shocking APureSound - Where The Music Is Always Pure Kudos to Alex for bringing it back to life. R10 owner's story
  3. Edwood

    Sony MDR-R10 Owner's Club

    They don't seem to be getting a lot of love here lately. But my R10's are still my favorite headphone in my home. I'll start. # 444 here. -Ed
  4. ywd

    Best headphones ever

    What would you say are the best headphones ever made, price-no-object. I know its subjective, but if you could have any one pair of headphones to use most of the time, what would it be?
  5. scolaiw

    OFFICIAL Headphone Aesthetics Thread - The gorgeous and the hideously ugly!

    Whether we like it or not, the aesthetics of our headphones can sometimes be a critical part in our choice in headphones. The extreme popularity of Beats headphones can at least in part be attributed to their particular looks. Since what you wear speaks a lot about you, the looks of your...
  6. Coldsnap

    Noise Canceling Headphones Help

    (posted this in the wrong forum at first)I hate flying and I realized how good noise canceling earphones have gotten. Help me decide between these models, noise cancelation is the most important feature and sound quality is second. I've tried the bose but they don't give me enough discount at my...
  7. nonno breuss

    Please recommend <€1.500 Tube Amp for Sony R10 (bass light version)

    Dear all,   I just aquired a Sony MDR R10. Could someone help me with a tube amp that has a high price/performance ratio for  - say - under USD 2.000?  It should be a worthwhile upgrade from a little dot MK3.   Thanks a lot in advance! Nonno
  8. abby normal

    best sounding compact upgrade cans over my sony mdr-a10 headphones?

    i just got my first mp3-player, and found that it has an anemic amp that cannot properly drive my sennheiser ovation hd560s [plus the senns are very bulky and not suitable for travelling], so i searched through my odds and ends drawer for a pair of cans that were more sensitive and found an old...
  9. markl

    Impressions- Ultrasone Edition 9

    I received these headphones from Ultrasone this morning and have been listening all day. At this time, there are several review samples floating around, and Ultrasone was not able to tell me precisely how many hours of burn-in my particular pair has. It's possible this pair was sent...
  10. langensx

    Beg for answers: how many Sony MDR-R10s were made?

    Hi, guys:   Mine is No.808 bass light made in 1992. I was wondering how many R10 were made exactly? Some said 2000 but David Mahler believes somewhere around 1300. Is there anyone knowing the accurate number?   And another point, which version is less, bass heavy or light? I was wondering...
  11. levinhatz

    The ultimate closed-back headphone?

    Hi all   Didn't see a thread directly about this, so I fig'd I'd start a new one.   What do you consider to be the ultimate closed-back headphone (assuming price not an object)? Is it the Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog? The Fostex TH900? Something from Ultrasone? Something else?    Looking forward...
  12. ag8908

    Survey - how much money would you pay for a headphone setup that is guaranteed to be the best out there, for all types of music

    Survey - how much money would you pay for a headphone setup that is guaranteed to be the best out there, for all types of music, i.e. a system where you would never have any doubt that there is no other set up out there that will sound better to your ears?   Keep in mind this is a system...
  13. Libertad

    What does wood do to sound exactly in a headphone

    I have getting ready to woody mod my technics for a while now but id like to get a better grasp as to how wood actually affects the sound quality of the cans. I know alot of companies use wood in their mods and alot of the top end cans use wood and i guess this is for good reason but why exactly...
  14. amiamy

    Help with choosing headphones? Or suggestions

    Hi. I hope this is the right forum to post this in I'm new. So my father is going to buy me a new set of headphones. I already know to stay away from beats, skullcrappy. ETC. Currently I have an older pair of SONY-MDRV55. My dad has a bad habit of falling for the industry. He has owned...
  15. davidhunternyc


    After considerable thought and thanks to the input of everyone at Head-Fi, I have made a list of the "most beautiful looking headphones ever made." You may vote for more than one. I have not included "mods" or custom made headphones. I also know there are several headphones that are not on this...
  16. IzSuNzI

    Asking about Sony MDR-10R and MDR-1RMK2

    I heard that this MDR-10R is smaller than 1RMK2 at the ear cover. However, 1) does it still completely cover the ear? 2) is it worth buying 10R, or just spend about $70 more to get 1RMK2 for a better one? Thank you very much.
  17. dreamycreamy

    What is the difference between the Sony MDR-10R and Sony MDR-10RC?

    They both seem to have the same specs, come in the same colours, except the 10R is over the ear while the 10RC is on the ear.   Also, I can only find the 10RC (and MDR-10RBT at £199) in the UK whereas the 10R (and MDR-10RBT and MDR-10RNC) is everywhere else in the world it seems.     The...
  18. Justice Strike

    looking for bluetooth headphones: Sony MDR-1RBT or Sony MDR-10RBT?

    With the Sony MDR-1RBTmk2 coming, i'm wondering if the mdr-1rbt is maybe a bang for buck. If i compare it with the mdr-10rbt then it's only 50 euro's more expensive.   however, i havn't seen alot of comparisons between these two headphones... does anyone care to put their 2 cents in?
  19. minami

    Need help finding a working driver unit for Sony MDR-R10!!

    I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to appreciate this amazing pair of headphones for near 4 years, but recently the left driver of my R10 start to sound quieter and quieter, and now it is unable to produce any sound. I had let my headphone technician friend to diagnose the problem...
  20. a-lber-to

    Which tube amp for SONY MDR-R10?

    Hello everyone.   As I just managed to get a set of SONY MDR-R10 (bass-light version), I would now like to get a tube amp worthy of these headphones.    For now, I am thinking of getting a Woo Audio WA6-SE... Has anyone tried it with these headphones?   Or do you have other...
  21. Skylab

    Sony MDR-R10 with CD-3000 drivers - is this copesetic?

    Shouldn't this auction be even more clear about the fact that these are really not MDR-R10's?  The CD3000 drivers were not the same driver, were they???
  22. zardon

    Sony MDR R10 - some TLC and a recable for an old set

    I have quite a few headphones in my collection, but I have a soft spot for the Sony MDR R10. They are, in my humble opinion one of the greatest headphones ever made. This is why ive bought a couple of pairs in the last year.   I managed to snag a set that was once owned by MarkL. These still...
  23. zardon

    Sony MDR R10 - Number 0808 Mint and boxed - arrived today :)

    Well I have been hunting for a totally mint pair of R10's now for 2-3 years. And I finally was offered a chance by a very nice older gentleman in Hong Kong who was selling his pair. They have hardly been used and came with all the extras, in the leather box.   They only arrived earlier today...
  24. Modwright01

    How to clean well the ear pads of Sony R10 ?

    Hi.   I was just thinking about clean the leather of my R10.  I have the clean kit sony as new and I don't want to use it because it is collector, the KK-17 cleaning set in the plastic bag.   So what can I use ? Milk for leather  ? Other thing ? Any idea ?   Thanks a lot.
  25. DarqueKnight

    New to Head-Fi / High-end Audio Forum / Proud MDR-R10 Owner

    Hi,       I am new to Head-Fi and am a happy MDR-R10 owner.  I have lots of headphones and wanted to reach out to find even more unique combinations. I am sure I have a lot to learn here.  I am located in Honolulu.  Any others out here?   Aloha...