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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. 40lb
    Anyone else getting this for lunashops? Screenshot_20190503-064705_Chrome.jpg
  2. hakuzen
    yes, i bought them at lunashops: http://www.lunashops.com/goods.php?id=5585 these adapters have very good conductivity, although plastic quality is not that great (some crackles reported)
    also bought a great conductivity affordable cable (number 145 in my list). sound quality not confirmed yet, though
    if you actually own very good mmcx spare cables, the adapters is a versatile solution
  3. krunchcrispy
    Hey Folks, reading through this thread I ended up getting the ISN Audio S8 for my NICEhck M6's. I was using the extra cable that came with my FiiO FH1 (which is much cleaner and tighter than the M6 cable). Now, it seems like the S8 has increased slightly the depth of the sound, but it also seems to have elevated the upper bass, or decreased the treble, or something, to where it sounds a bit muffled (annoyingly so). I can hear this same kind of 'muffling' when I use the FiiO L16 Stereo Audio Cable with an amp as compared to the cable that came with the Topping Nx4 DSD (the topping cable is so much more cleaner and crispier than the FiiO).
    Any recommendations for the M6 that is clean, under 50 USD, and that might be superior to the FiiO FH1 cable? Thanks
  4. subwoof3r
    If it can help, here is the difference of thickness (and jack stress) between cable 115 (in black) and 125 (in copper color) :

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  5. krunchcrispy
    OK, my bad -- it was my system at work that was sounding muffled -- using this cable on my set up at home (MBP with Audirvana), and a/b ing with the FiiO FH1 cable, the S8 is quite superior! Sorry for the mute point. All is well that ends well; and the S8 is a fine cable.
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  6. keoki
    Trying to buy iem cables for my DM6 is like buying tips, too many choices and I get easily confused. Can anyone recommend a good upgraded cable for my DM6? I currently have these but is there something else out there that will give it a significant change in sound? I would like to get this cable from Amazon if possible so I don't have to wait a month since I am going on a trip (would like to use it on the trip). Or is the cable that I am currently using good enough and order something else from AE?
  7. hakuzen
    that isn't a bad cable. you can get quite better ones, but don't expect big changes in sound. check the cables of 1st spoiler of my list (they are the best quality ones), and search for them in amazon if available (more expensive, ensure they won't be shipped from china), or AE (you can specify an address of a friend or neighbor if you'll be on a trip)
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  8. keoki
    Where would this cable and this cable fit in your list? Do you think either of these cables will have a different sound than the one I have? Or should I just go for these cables? Thank you so much for your advice and contribution on these forums to help others like myself.
  9. hakuzen
    i think 1st cable uses same wire than cables 130-132, but 4 cores instead of 8 cores; not sure, though (i don't own it).
    2nd cable is not at my list. it looks like cable 125, but wire used is very different. i don't own it, but one head-fier got it and posted in this thread.
    average thickness of the conductor per signal is around 24awg (expect resistance over 130mOhm), silver plated copper, while cable 125 is 20awg (around 60mOhm resistance), copper (or copper alloy).
    edit: 2nd cable. there are two layers in each core; internal layer, insulated, of twisted (i guess) silver plated copper; external layer of braided copper (i guess)
    Last edited: May 3, 2019
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  10. perfecious
    I would definitely not buy a SPC cable for the DM6. My recommendation is hands down cable 125. It will bring back the "missing" treble resolution coming from the NICEHCK cables (plus clarity, which is to be expected with such low resistance), without changing the tonality and other stuff with the DM6, which has a particular impedance profile, with a dip in the most problematic (sibilant) area, which a silver plated cable might turn into a problem, even if it's not with other IEMs, and the whole point with cables swapping with teh DM6 was to bring the sibilance down to a minimum, so - safest bet is to go with a good copper-only cable, and there is simply no better option than cable 125. It is a completely "reference/transparent" cable, which is what the DM6 needs. The only possible concern is the strain relief which is not good, and you might end up breaking the solders in the jack if you are not careful, as well as stiffness, which personally to me are "flaws" totally neglect-able because of the amazing sound quality. You can check my brief impressions/comparisons for cable 125 here. You can also send me a PM if you want, and I will give you links.

    Pics of the day (cable 125):

    20190428_091312 - Copy.jpg 20190427_103108_CROP.jpg
    Last edited: May 3, 2019
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  11. No Deal
    Two HiFiHear cables. The silver copper cable is an 8 core. The gold silver cable is a 16 core. Both were purchased from Amazon. The 16 core is on the way back. It won't fully engage with the iem for obvious reasons.
  12. hakuzen
    yea, protruding 2 pins sit firmer on recessed sockets.. but if the socket of your iem is not recessed, then the other plug is better
  13. courierdriver
    OMG! I'm so sorry...I forgot to include @Dsnuts. He started this whole thread! My very bad. Dsnuts, if you see this post, thank you too for starting this thing up. You have no idea how much I needed this thread. Before I found this, all I saw was aftermarket cables on Amazon that sold for over $150 CDN...most were in the $300-700 range. A balanced cable cost more than the iem I was using. This thread has helped people like me get access to stuff that's not overpriced and unobtainable. Kudos man, and huge props! Again, my apologies for not mentioning you previously. I don't know how I could have forgotten a guy who has "Nuts" in his name. Lol!
    Last edited: May 3, 2019
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  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    I most definitely agree here. I ran into a bit of a problem using some of my 2 pin cables on my recessed socket on my Zeus. So if your 2 pin you buy don't have protruding 2 pins. I would use a file and shave down the sides of the standard 2 pin and it works much better. I had to do this for 2 of my cables and now works very well with my Zeus. Wish 2 pin connectors were all standard but unfortunately there are iems with recessed or non recessed sockets. Easily fixed with some filing.
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  15. No Deal
    This may be my fault. I bought from Amazon to get away from the shipping time. The cable sold in two colors. The pic for the cable that I bought would indicate that it was not for my recessed sockets. There is a brown 16 core that has a pic for a connector that looks like it would work on a recessed socket. Probably should have bought that one.
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