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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. CoiL
    Got first example done but will do second version for IEM with 2-pin connectors. Since it was my first ever PVC sleeving with such thin cable, the sleeving could have been done thinner and thus decided to do this version ~2.1m long with 1x 6.3mm TRS + 2x 3.5mm TRS jacks, for my desk setup.
    Anyway, that wire looks very good and has very good impedance. Actually it is so low, that I need to get HQ precision multimeter as my multimeter measures only with 0.1 accuracy but this cable seems to be under 100mOhm as expected. Haven`t tested SQ yet as I have to mod my Fidelio X1 for 2nd separate jack connector.
    What makes me smile is the total price of this cable :)
    Will share pics when I get this setup done.
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  2. candlejack
    Help the rest of us smile too.
  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    So there seems to be a sale going on at Aliexpress for the next 7 days. Cables and earphones are all on sale right now.
  4. hakuzen
    cables 165 and 168. mmcx plugs in these are different to the rest; the most consistent fit (all 4 i tried fit and click the same); click occurs deeper than others, the plug rotates freely. pop in and out is easier. outer case of the plug is wider than average, though.
    when using any other mmcx plugs, acrolink (most used in chinese cables), alo, oyaide styled, i usually find differences between left and right and between them. sometimes the fit is so tight, that plug doesn't rotate; sometimes is very loose.
    experienced problems with left channel of magaosi k5 when using cables 133. other than this, my mmcx issues use to be stuck plug, or difficulty to get a tight and clear click.

    but cables 165 and 168 aren't much flexible, so i don't know if they have some microphonics.
    you can try 168 for less than $34 during these sales.

    i think that cable 054 uses either acrolink or alo audio styled plugs. can't check mmcx, because my 054 is 2pins terminated. sorry. it is very soft and flexible.

    edit: nice macro photos, btw. thanks for the contribution!
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  5. Broquen
    Any of you has identified a nice cable with really transparent sound? I'm looking for a mixed one (good copper and good silver plated copper).

    And a newbie question... Why there're no L plug 2.5 balanced?
  6. candlejack
    Always appreciate your help!

    Just for the record, this is 168 and this is 165, correct? You mention they aren't too flexible, but that you don't know about microphonics. Is that because you don't have them anymore and can't test?
  7. hakuzen
    yep, they are 168 and 165.

    i don't find big differences in microphonics of cables from my list. maybe the most flexible ones have a bit less microphonics. i can hear when i tap any cable, no music. and i can't hear it when playing music.
    i'll make a big round up of most my cables, ab comparison using the right music, and including microphonics, when i get time for it (it can take a full day)
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
  8. candlejack
    I can barely find 1 hour a week to post some pictures, so I completely understand you can't take time for each individual request. I'm just surprised microphonics doesn't come up more often. My cheaper 16 core chi-fi has ZERO microphonics, while the Acrolink has significant amounts. Btw, I decided I'm not going to keep the 16 core Acrolink in the long run, so if you're interested to trade for it, you know what I'm looking for. :wink: I'm also in Europe, so that should make it convenient.
  9. hakuzen
    i sometimes get enough time and all gear is around to answer individual requests. sometimes don't. will check 165 and 168 microphonics as soon i can for you, compared to 54. they will be higher surely, because of their rigidity. but mmcx plugs look very good quality to me.

    took note about the trade, thanks. i might want that acrolink 16 cores to complete my collection
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
  10. Grayes
    I got my self CCA c10 yesterday, overall i like the sq but not the cable quality, any suggestion for a replacement for better cable for CCA c10 below $100
  11. Slater
    I like these 2 Kinboofi cables with my C10. They sound good, fit the C10 perfectly, and the pinkish one is very soft and flexible. The grey one is a little bit stiffer vs the pink one, but still flexible compared to some other cables. The grey one also has a chin slider bead. The pink one is on it at the moment.

    I know you said you’ll spend $100, but you really don’t have to spend that much. The C10 is a $23 IEM. I’ve tried it with more much expensive cables, and I couldn’t detect any better sound than the 2 below.


    Last edited: May 6, 2019
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  12. Grayes
    Thank you for the recommendation, haha that because i love my cca c10 more then my E1000, E4000 its sound more refine to my ear dont know why. thats why i willing to spend more :smile_phones:
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  13. Evoke
    Anyone has a good recommendation for a replacement cable for Kanas Pro? I find the stock cable a bit flimsy and prefer something stiffer
  14. CoiL
    Material cost for 8-core braided ~2.1m headphone cable:
    1) ~17m 0.04x180 Type 1 copper Litz enveloped in polyester/silk = ~6$
    2) 8x 2m transparent (PO) polyolefin shrink tube = ~7$
    3) 2x Neutrik/Rean NYS231BG 3.5mm TRS jacks = ~3.5$ (for this cable purpose mono TS jacks can be had little cheaper)
    4) 1x Neutrik/Rean NYS228BG 6.3mm TRS jack = ~3$

    Total price = ~19,5 $ / ~17.4 €

    IMHO, those connectors are very HQ and this cable measures under 100mOhm and for such total price - crazy good value! ;P
    Anything ready-made (braided) to offer with such quality connectors and measurement under ~19,5 $ / ~17.4 € ?
    Plus, that cable looks gorgeous and is soft/flexible (depending on braiding tightness also).

    Will try to sleeve next one thinner (discovered one trick) and make also 8-core (though for IEM it might be little heavy with all that copper hanging).
    4-core will also provide quite low measurement and be noticeably cheaper.
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
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  15. Cevisi
    Should i get a 16 core or 8 core balancef cable ?
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