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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. subwoof3r
    I just unscrewed my 125 and it wasn't glued at all, but there is a little heatshring all the long from the little tie to end of plug, so unfortunately I can't see if a solder is wrong or missing.
    I screwed it back gently as the whole DIY into the plug looks very fragile (I hope I did not unsoldered anything while trying to screw it back).
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  2. bk123
    I guess hakuzen(forum member) had warned about lower conductivity of this cable precisely the gold version. I may be wrong though.
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  3. rendyG
    Cable 130 is nuts!
    Really satisfied with it as I got it for around $60 on ali sales. :)
  4. Ziggomatic
    This is probably a long shot, but I'm getting frustrating trying to search/browse AE: Has anyone come across a good 4.4mm balanced TF10 (.75mm) cable? They may not exist outside the high end custom shops, but I thought I'd check. Trying to outfit my trusty FLC8S for optimal R6 Pro usage thaaaaanks
  5. subwoof3r
    Just made (for the fun) some weight measurements in grams between cables 125, 115 and 155 :

    115 :

    155 :
    NiceHCK pure silver.jpg

    125 :
    pure copper OCC.jpg

    Without any surprise, the 125 is the heavier :)
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  6. hakuzen
    i started using filed lunashops' mmcx-2pins adapters with flc8s. then, used penon adapters; their pins look 0.75mm (thinner than most 2pins). the sockets have been stretched a bit, because now most of the 2pins chi-cables of my list fit flc8s
  7. Cevisi
    What is an good cheap mmcx 2.5 balanced cable ?
  8. battosai
    Define cheap
  9. perfecious
    Yo, got my 125 cable couple of days ago. Needless to say, I can't stop listening to music with it and my CCA C16. It does wonders for that IEM, just as I hoped/expected. The high-treble is no longer "smoothed" and "dull", and now it's very lively, with some strange sense of "reverb" that is just... blissful. Notes are sharp and precise, in fact, on technicalities when it comes to microdetails, the CCA C16 is on par with the DM6, with the overall "pleasantness/enjoyment/tuning" and soundstage definitely going to the CCA C16.

    So yeah the C16 is on par with the DM6 using cable 125. Will go into more detail in the CCA thread, but if I had to choose between the CCA C16 + cable 125 combo vs. the DM6 and the NICEHCK cable 053, I would go for the CCA C16 + cable 125 without a second thought. When I punch in the numbers, it's cheaper as well (~$80 for the C16 + ~70 for cable 125, versus ~190 for the DM6 + ~$20 for cable 053). Now, DM6 + cable 125 is another story, which I would guess the DM6 will pull ahead big time, but I don't have mmcx-2pin adapters to test the cable on the DM6, so I will leave it at that.

    And now some pictures, comparing the wires and terminations:

    IMG_20190424_101127_DRO-Recovered_CROPPED_RESIZED50.png 20190424_100948_PRESENTATION_CABLE-WIRE_COMPARISON.jpg

    1. is cable (053).
    2. is cable (125).
    3. is the (043) TRN V80 stock cable I was using until now, the one with the strange "distortion effect", thick notes and overall muddy presentation.
    4. CCA C16 stock cable, sound wise is better than the TRN cable, but I can't stand the effing wire, and I can't use it because I need to remove the case on my phone, because of the crappy termination/jack.

    Overall, I love the (125) cable. Not just the sound, but the freaking looks as well. I love the color of the copper, and how it feels. The only downsides to some would be it's a bit stiff, but that's not an issue for me, because I am not going to be using it on the go (it's too precious for that duuh), as well as the slight "problem" with the jack's strain-relief, which looks to be kinda useless, putting pressure on the solders most likely, like you guys mentioned before, so I will be ghetto fixing that just in case, with some electrical tape and possibly a zip tie.


    That's it for now. Big thanks goes to @hakuzen for finding the best cables for us. Really appreciate your efforts, man! :)
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  10. ForceMajeure
    125 is probably good for bondage as well :deadhorse:
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  11. Jon L
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
  12. zeppu08
    Any diy ideas for a chin slider??
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  13. Slater
    I use 2 different DIY sliders:

    1. Silicone o rings for mechanical keyboards. These work for really thick cables. A big bag of 125 is about $0.75. There’s only 1 size, but they do come in many colors (I use clear)

    2. Rubber bands for orthodontic braces. These work on any cable, as they are smaller than the keyboard o rings. A bag of 100 is anywhere from free to $2 if you ask any local orthodontist in your city. The size and type you want is 1/8” X-Heavy non-latex
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  14. warriorpoet
    This thing is incredible. Thank you for the recco!

  15. Dsnuts Contributor
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