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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. Jon L
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
  2. battosai
    Not sure about the sonic qualities but I remember Hakuzen mentioned that this cable is very thick and not so flexible... That's why I went with cable 130 even though I it's $15 more expensive...
  3. subwoof3r
    Completely different, the wires are MUCH thicker on the 7N.

    I think this cable is definitely more closer to the 130. I'm still undecided yet of I should go to the 130 as I already own this NiceHCK 8 Cores "Pure Silver", I'm still not convinced there will be much sonical differences.
  4. hakuzen
    first cable is 115 in my list. stiffer, double layer (insulated and shield layers).

    yep, it will fit probably. i'm not having issues between 0.75 and 0.78mm. sometimes the fit is tighter, sometimes looser (but not falling off).
  5. hakuzen
    added some cables to my list. ordered, but not received, so no measurements yet. pics and links are added.

    cable 155: oem "pure silver", but it's silver plated copper. sold by many sellers, re-branded (like nicehck pure silver, toneking, etc.). please check spoiler 1, because prices are quite different depending of the shop (links added).

    cables 160, and 161
    acrolink cables, they look very promising (very good conductivity, below 100mOhm probably, decent honest quality wire).
    check spoiler 1 in my list to check structure, wire used, and links
    _160_acrolink_6Nocc_8c_grey.jpg _161_acrolink_spc6Nocc_8c_purple.jpg

    btw, they sell a true pure sterling silver cable. price around $190
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
  6. hakuzen
    also added pic of jc ally copper color cable (cable 065), ordered
  7. Slater
  8. BadReligionPunk
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  9. Jon L
    Has anyone here actually tried Cable 130 on CCA C16 and had no problems with 0.75mm iem and 0.78mm cable pins?
    My problem with CCA C16 is that on a decent amp, the stock cable sounds nicely detailed (but could use a smidge better resolution) with great bass heft/rumble, but on my portable source (LG phone, and I can't carry around extra portable stuff), average commercial grade recordings could use a little more smoothness and bass heft. It's like I need a different cable for headphone amp use and portable phone use :astonished:
  10. hakuzen
    if same iem+cable combo sounds different with various sources, then the problem is in the sources.
    noise and distortion of the source for the given load, mainly, but also output impedance of the source (if high, tonal alteration, specially in highs and upper mids)
  11. Cevisi
    What means balanced cabel and what means occ cabel. I looking for a pure copper cable for my BGVP DM6 any suggestion ?

    I see the nicehck stuff vut dont now if the 8 or 16 core occ balanced and all that stuff
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
  12. rustyvinyl
    160 is super tempting :)
  13. perfecious
    Ok, I got (125) in 2.5 balanced 2pin for around $71, to use with my CCA C16. Cable is almost as the IEMs :ksc75smile:, but the C16 has soo much potential, that I wanna squeeze every last bit of juice/resolution out of it. Plus, I have a really good (end-game to me) cable for the future. BTW, here is a promo code for $5 off on purchases over $50, if someone is interested (not sure how long it will be active, I guess 2 more days):

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  14. subwoof3r
    This post is a review of the following cable :


    The cable is available in the following configurations :
    • MMCX (connectors)
    • 2Pin (connectors)
    • 3.5mm (plug)
    • 2.5mm (plug)
    • 4.4mm Balanced (plug)

    Build quality
    • Plug :

    Overall build quality the cable looks good (keep in mind it is a budget cable designed first). The plug is well made of metal with « gold » plated (very classic), and pleasant to manipulate. My plug came with a little defect (a little scratch on the gold plated stem) but almost invisible and which anyway does not affect the sound. I did not see very often this kind of plug in the past, so it is a great surprise to see something who stands out a bit. The brand name NiceHCK is plated on the plug (white mark).

    • Y-Splitter :

    Comes with a « ball »-like (which is here for just the fun and beauty) but this time in black. This has been already seen in my previoous NiceHCK cables. Looks to be now a classic on many cables. The splitter himself is made of metal, looks almost the same at the plug itself, but in miniature. Great finish overall, and still with the white NiceHCK mark on it.

    • MMCX connectors :


    Here again, looks the same miniature-like of the plug, great finish of metal too, with L and R marks to help distinguish them faster, but I really much prefer to see colors on my MMCX plugs now, much easier to discern.

    • Cable itself :

    This 8 cores wires provides very good conductivity and will ensure your drivers to sound their best (especially for the price asked).

    Cable is soft (not too much soft either), tangle free, looks a bit memory (but not by much) and is a bit microphonic.

    Note that I removed the earguides as I use my standard earbuds with MMCX (a personal EMX500 DIY that I did by myself, and that I know by heart, helping me a lot to feel better sound qualities of each cables).


    Sound impressions

    Soundstage is a bit thin and congested. Sounds like everything is much tamed (especially the highs), mids remains almost intact and shows good presence, bass lacking a bit of impact (subbass aswell) and overall signature is warm. Not much transparent nor natural sounding. Overall I would say it lack a bit of « breath ».


    Depending on the brightness/coldness of your source and earbuds/IEMs used, this cable could be a good pairing.
    For sure, a good budget cable to begin in the world of audiophile.

    (as always, sorry for my limited english, not native)
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  15. Cevisi
    Have you done a review on the expensiv big brother of this ?


    Dont now wich to get o my dm6
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