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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. archy121
    I have been contemplating ordering 130
    And now I just across this new offering that looks exactly like it apart from the slightly higher price tag.

    Anyone have any experience with it ?

  2. hakuzen
    nice review! thanks
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  3. Palash
    ISN Audio C16 Just arrived. Its beautiful.

  4. archy121
    Definitely nice looking cable but impractical to use outside for me. I was hoping you are able to get hold of the 8 core version.

    Look forward to how it sounds with DM6 - I’m guessing little too smooth maybe.
  5. Palash
    Impressed by ISN S6, H8 ............. sadly C8 version is not available. Its a bit thick but i can mange it. Wish this 16 core version could have option for headphones like HD6XX.
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  6. perfecious
    This is the same cable I believe, and it's at 69 (even less through mobile + coupons). :)
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  7. courierdriver
    I just ordered one yesterday as well. Got an email this morning from aliexpress that it had been shipped. It looks gorgeous from your pic. Hope it arrives to me here in Canada sooner than the quoted timeframe (Apr 27-May 25).
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  8. rendyG
    Decisions, decisions...
    After reading what I missed in this thread, I narrowed down the list of cables to following (around $60 for my Kanas Pro/ TSMR-3)
    I´ll appreciate any help, maybe I missed something.. @Dsnuts @hakuzen Did you compare these directly? I think you both have the first two

    (140) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/NIC...mm-Balanced-8-Core-6N-GC-OCC/32945688424.html
    Even though I don´t like the looks, many people like the sound of this copper, also hakuzen says its a bit thin.. (thus almost 3x the *resistance compared to following). Also I was hoping for better price, similar to 11.11.

    (130) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/NIC...ilver-Plated-Cable-3-5-2-5-4/32952865240.html
    Is there a silver version of this? This is reportedly one of the best cables here, but I´m not sure if I should experiment with anything other that HCK versions, coz solderjob can be fcked up without a chance to repair it :/

    (155) *edited https://www.aliexpress.com/store/pr...-MMCX-2Pin-Connector/1825606_32963189583.html
    I was hoping this could be the same cable as the gold one above but in silver, but it can´t as it has the same plugs and measures slightly worse.. :/
    *Yea, so this one is probably lower quality, as there is a version selling for $27.. will stay away

    Then there is the "IT01S" cable, looks nice, but not sure if it was tested.. also slightly cheaper than the rest.

    Thank you for your help :)
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  9. subwoof3r
    I'm currently listening to the TRN 8 cores mixed OCC Copper and Silver-plated that I ordered many months ago, and I'm just amazed on how this cable is sounding for its price (~8$).
    Sounding almost as good as both my high-end NiceHCK cables (which I made reviews recently). Definitely a great bargain, highly recommended.
    I guess it is more "tin" plated for the silver side, but very good copper used on it.
  10. zeppu08
  11. hakuzen
    third link is cable 155 (check https://www.head-fi.org/threads/low...ck-cable-thread.891911/page-69#post-14865407; various links in my list, very different prices), not 155. no resistance measurements in my list yet but you can find a review in this thread a few pages before.

    about 130, yes, go for nicehck version. best jack (more room for repairing), repairable, although mine look a bit glued (i'd try some air heat gun to see if glue get softened, in case of need of repairing).

    140 has good quality copper. but it's thinner than the others, so its resistance is 3x bigger than cable 130's (conductivity is the inverse of resistivity, so its conductivity is 3x lower than cable 130's)

    it01s cable seems to use same wire than cable 115, but half of cores. at that price, the 4 cords cable looks a better deal
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    Havent tried that pure silver 8 core cable, should be similar to my lunashops 8 core cable but if you want the most detail out of your phones that one seems to be at a real good price. But if you want more a musical fuller bodied sound with your detail the 130 cable is one of the best I have used thus far. I am using that cable on my Solaris and love what it does for sound.

    A pure silver cable is always good to have but for my money 130 while a bit more expensive is very nice quality and I have yet to hear anyone not like it. If you can afford both. Get both.
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  13. BadReligionPunk
    I ordered 2 of them when they first came out, and liked them especially for chifi. Very soft and flexable. Very comfortable to me. I ordered 2 more 2.5 balanced for $7 a piece during this sale. Originally I was a bit annoyed at the length. they are a bit shorter then regular cables, but I am used to it now.
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  14. Cevisi
  15. perfecious
    I had the same dilemma for a couple of days, but ultimately decided to get the 125 cable (apparently the best one), in 2.5 balanced ($72 was a good deal on it).

    I also got the OKCSC (2.5 female to 3.5 male) adapter to use for the time being (until I get a good DAP with balanced output),


    and this one as well, which is dirt cheap (less than a dollar), not sure about the quality, but will evaluate that.


    Hopefully, at least one of them will work. :o2smile:
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