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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. LaughMoreDaily
    No idea. I have the 6 core copper from a banned seller. I thought it ruined the sound of the item I iem I tried it on. I will try it on a bqeyz. I would stick with 4 core.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
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  2. Benno1988
    I need a cable for my Beyer MMX300 Gen 2 headset.

    It's a 3.5mm 5 pole slim housing into the left cup. Then a 3.5mm stereo and a 3.5mm mic at the other end. Any idea if I could get that? The stock one has a inline mute and volume pot that suck and I don't need.
  3. Krassi
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  4. noknok23
    I am looking to replace the cable of my Magaosi K5, the left channel goes on and off.

    I tried included cables from other cheapos IEMs I have, but there is a weird thing hapenning in the treble, it becomes too hot and hurt my ears. While with the cable of K5, it is very smooth.

    The cable of K5 is way thicker than other cables. Is it a resistance issue?
    Which cable should I get to go back to the smooth lovely sound of K5 without spending an arm?
  5. Dsnuts Contributor
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  6. Eddie C

    I bought the mentioned cable for my friend. Tested briefly on my Fearless S8 Pro didn't notice any sound improvement over the stock cable. Maybe just a smidge more warm to the vocals. Love how soft the cable is, braiding is thick and wires aren't thin. Got it half off for $30 CAD, would recommend.

    Friend claims sound is clearer and perhaps bass hits with better decay and sounds more refined when used with Fender Nine 1
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2019
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    In general I have noticed cheaper cables off of aliexpress are better than what is included with most iems, especially cheaper budgetfi category of iems, but you also have to look at what is included with your own iems. If you have a higher end iem mid fi category or higher. They will usually include fairly decent cables that should not degrade sound quality. Usually for these types of iems if you want an actual sonic upgrade from cables your gonna have to invest in something a bit more substantial to notice differences in sonics. $50-$200 category of cables.

    Silver and higher end SPC cables to enhance detail. Copper and higher end copper to inject some fullness, warmth, smoothness and add a bit of bass impact.

    Also don't overlook the ability for sound enhancement with balanced out cables playing your iems in balanced. This will get you guys more gains in the sound department than just the cables. When you have both influencing the sound of your iems that is when you will notice more gains in SQ.
  8. zachmal
    speaking of higher end IEMs, can you recommend an upgrade cable during the last hours of Black Friday sale for the Nicehck NX7 ? (around 20-25 USD)

    I'm currently eyeing the Nicehck C16-3 cable and their 4-core OFHC [ https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000097502378.html ]

    both in total have the same number of cores (224) 14*16 (C16-3) or 56*4 (4-core OFHC), same awg of 23

    doesn't necessarily have to be Nicehck brand,

    it should emphasize bass and perhaps tame the highs & the peaks of the frequency curve a bit

    Thanks in advance to everyone
  9. iron2k
  10. hakuzen
    i got same issue (one channel going on and off) when using cable 133 of my list with magaosi k5. in this case, the problem was the mmcx connection.
    if you notice that the left channel goes off, and you start receiving left signal in right side, the problem could be the jack not pushed all the way in.
    and last, some solder of your left side, either in jack, either in mmcx, could be broken.
    stock cable of k5 measured 546, 545, 452, 478 mOhms. a bit high resistance, but better than some other stock cables.
    treble alteration of k5 balanced armatures is very possible when your output impedance (source+cable) is high (above 1ohm). higher resistance, bigger alteration.
    i can't tell if you get harsher or softer treble, because i haven't measured k5 impedance curve yet.
    if the cables you have tried are thinner than k5 stock cable, they probably have resistance above 1ohm (higher than stock). so we could deduct you get harsher treble with higher resistance cables.
    thus, you need a cable below 400mOhm to avoid harsher treble than with stock cable.
    my main database of cables compiles a good amount of cables below 400mOhm. surf through it (you can find links to them at "comments, pics, and links" sections, to find out their price).

    i haven't tried C16-3 yet, but tried OFCH one (cable 090 in my list), and it could fit your needs. not an special cable (normal at its price segment), but good enough and a bit warm/dark.

    no, sorry, i didn't have the chance to try them
  11. zachmal
    Thanks for the suggestion ! :)

    Looks very nice

    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000097502378.html NICEHCK 4 cores 4N OFHC High Purity Oxygen-Free Copper Cable 3.5/2.5/4.4mm Plug MMCX/2Pin For ZSX C12 V90 TFZ NICEHCK NX7 Pro/F3

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  12. RikudouGoku
    @hakuzen if you could only have 3 cables which ones would you take? I'm guessing 175,174 and 198 so that you can cover everything from bass, balanced to treble.
  13. subwoof3r
    Just finalized MMCX retermination of my ISN Audio S4 :)
    My first one ever, very pleased with the result!
    I much prefer those plugs than the original cones shape which were difficult to plug/unplug as they were too small for our hands ^^ (also, they are now soldered with some high quality WBT-0800 solder)

    I'm now ready for some serious listening for the S4/C4 comparison

    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
  14. Broquen
    Fine work! Looks very nice!
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  15. pannomimi
    Deciding between the 090 and 196 to replace my broken stock cable for my CE6P, which would be the better choice? They seem to be almost the same price and build quality.
    I'm mainly looking for a cable that is very soft and flexible at around the 30-50 USD price range.
    Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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