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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. TooPoorForHiFi
    I know the $82 one can be customized but not sure if the cheaper 6N for $40 is... doesn't seem to say. I'll ask.
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  2. RikudouGoku
    I bought cable 196 and asked for earhooks no problem. I did post a picture of earhooks on another cable as I was afraid they couldnt understand what I meant since they use a translator. :)
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  3. hakuzen
    ear hooks: choose your preference when ordering (add "with" or "without" earhooks in the notes text box). for cable 192, you can ask the seller before ordering.
    yes, the step up is my favorite copper cable (170/171).
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  4. RyuzakiL26

    Just an additional inquiry, will the TRN T2 cable will suffice? The price around here is at less than 10$.
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  5. thejoker13
    I own this cable and really like it. It seems to thicken the low frequencies and has nice clean middle frequencies as well. I haven't heard the zs10 pro, so I can't speak on that pairing though.
    Edit** The only negative that I can say is that it's fairly stiff, but has a nice functional chin slider and isn't microphonic.
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  6. hakuzen
    given the experience about trn cables, i'd better try nicehck cables, similar price but better plugs and solders
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  7. RyuzakiL26
    Glad I hadn't purchased it right away. Hm.. what's your recommend cable that's going for less than 10$?
  8. LaughMoreDaily
    F TRN Cables! (Forget :wink: )
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  9. hakuzen
    cables 051 (8 cores, spc) and 063 (16 cores, spc), because trn v90 is dark enough.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
  10. subwoof3r
    ISN Audio C4 (review and comparative with S4 and 210) :

    C4 global.jpg

    Notes :

    I bought this cable at full price, so this review (like all my reviews with discount or not) will always reflect my honesty first.
    The cable can be bought in Penonaudio website : https://penonaudio.com/isn-audio-c4.html

    Pictures :

    box 1.jpg
    box 2.jpg
    MMCX plug 1.jpg
    MMCX plug 2.jpg
    plug 1.jpg
    plug 2.jpg
    Y splitter.jpg
    C4 vs S4.jpg

    Description (according on the original box) :
    • The cable is soft and comfortable to wear
    • High purity makes the cable extremely soft, providing the comfort of wearing,
    • Excellent connection structure can effectively shield external interference, reduce internal conductor sound distortion and auscultation effect, bring you better quality sound.
    • The more the same material cores, the better the resolution Better overall conductivity
    • Single crystal copper has better transients, better mid-low frequency performance, lower distortion, and purer background sound, which contributes to the improvement of sound field and detail, and also brings a warmer listening performance.
    Specifications :
    • Brand : ISN Audio
    • Model : C4
    • Material : Single Crystal Copper
    • Number of cores : 4 shares, single share is 63 cores, a total of 4×63
    • Connector : MMCX/2pin 0.78mm
    • Plug : 3.5mm audio/2.5mm balanced gold-plug
    • Cable length : 1.2M
    Build quality :

    One again, very nice handcrasft from ISN Audio in this C4 serie. For those who already read my S4 review, this C4 shares the exact same plugs, and Y-splitter. The only differences remains on the sliders (better quality in the S4) and the MMCX with cones shape in the S4 and much better in the C4. I truely think ISN Audio took the lesson from the previous S4 MMCX plugs, as the cones shape were really a bad idea (at least to me) as they were extremely difficult to be plugged and unplugged, glad it’s now fixed in the C4.

    The softness is in favor of the S4, while the wires on the C4 is a bit more memory (but not by much).

    Sound quality :

    So, I have spend some magical minutes with the cable, trying to compare with 210, ISN Audio S4, and ISN Audio C4.
    Like all cables, I truely believe that they all have their own caracteristics, meaning they don’t sound better or badest, but they have different approach, and peaks.
    The S4 have probably the best mids from all my cables collection so far (for now). They have great presence especially for male and female vocals. I feel like the upper mids is even a bit boosted. The highs are at a very good level, I find the S4 probably matching same highs of 210 while this last is a bit more smooth. Both shares great amount of details and clarity (while not excelling thought) in treble department.
    The 210 have clearly the best soundstage of the three. Extremely deep and large. In second position coming the S4. I find the S4 to be better in transparency delivery, where on the 210 and C4 clearly hear some kind of veil (especially on the C4).
    Sub-bass and bass impact is in favor of the 210, both in quality and quantity. The rumble is definitely more present in 210 also. The S4 has the less bass impact of the three, especially in the sub-bass area, while mid-bass impact stays OK. The C4 is more close of the 210 due to its warmer presentation and beeing less axed in the mids and highs than the S4. I don't feel the rumble that can be achieved on the 210 thought.
    The C4 is not a bad cable at all but it performs differently, the overall sound is way warmer, meaning it's bass oriented. They almost reach the bass presence of the 210 but its quality remains far. I sincerely find the C4 to be a bit too « flat » and nout enoughly living for my taste. The soundstage is thin and maybe too much intimate. The C4 really needs a source with a lot of energy to compensate. The mids and highs are not bad but could be better. Anyway for the price asked I really believe its one of the best copper between 30-60$ that we can find in the today market. If you need some soundstage to be tamed, as well as mids and highs while keeping great amount of bass, then the C4 could be a good companion.

    To sum-up, I would rate and the cables like the following (of course purely subjective) :

    Soundstage :
    • 210 : 4.5/5
    • S4 : 4/5
    • C4 : 3/5
    Transparency :
    • 210 : 4/5
    • S4 : 5/5
    • C4 : 3/5
    Instrument separation :
    • 210 : 4.5/5
    • S4 : 4/5
    • C4 : 3/5
    Bass :
    • 210 : 5/5
    • S4 : 3.5/5
    • C4 : 3.5/5
    Mids :
    • 210 : 4/5
    • S4 : 4.5/5
    • C4 : 3/5
    Highs/treble :
    • 210 : 4/5
    • S4 : 4/5
    • C4 : 3/5
    Conclusion :

    I will continue following ISN Audio with a lot of interest as they makes pretty good cables especially for the price (while we can surely find cheaper).
    I truely thinks the S4 is still a better value overall than the C4.
    The C4 is not a bad performer but it will highly depends of your source and IEMs/earbuds/headphones.If you can try it before buy, then I would highly advice to do that first (if you can).

    Thanks for reading :)
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  11. superuser1
    Thanks for that. what source and iems were you using?
  12. subwoof3r
    RadSone ES100 (for direct balanced output) and a DIY earbuds that I made myself which is my main reference for various testing (featuring 15.4mm beryllium dynamic drivers and custom shells)
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  13. RyuzakiL26
    Thanks a lot for this, glad we have someone like you who's knowledgeable for this kind of things
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  14. hakuzen
    great review, thanks!!
    it has helped me a lot to get an idea of C4 and S4, which i don't own, thanks to the comparison with 210 (my perception of this cable matches yours completely).

    i've found spc cables, cheaper than up-occ ones, which seems to get better detail and transparency in mids and highs. after further listening, i think the upper-mids and highs come nearer to the listener. this helps to perceive them with better detail. but when many sounds around these frequencies appear at once, the result is not so clear. the blacker background and deeper stage of up-occ wires help to better separating these sounds, located at different distances, better layered; the result is clearer in these passages, although the sounds aren't perceived so close to the listener. of course, this is my personal perception.
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  15. Strat1117
    Monoprice 3.5 to double rca, $6 on amazon. Looks wonderful, made well, nice quality connectors and, most important, sounds great. Beat the living daylights out of a $36 Audioquest evergreen. I’d recommend it in a heartbeat.
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