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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. Stymeron
    I just bought two 175 cables in 4 core for $90 each (one mmcx and one 2-pin). The price was the result of the store coupon + 5% Hakuzen discount.
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  2. frapp2latte
    You're right. Sorry, I meant 5%.

    Edited previous post.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
  3. Krassi
    Oh i was using my shuore Tapes today with my 9038s stuck in my hiby R3..

    .. well i still know the first impression that i had of them when i was in the post office, plugged them in 9038s hiby combo and had my cable 174 8 core silver..
    it drilled a hole in my ears and nearly caused bleeding so i had to turn down the 4-5khz on the crap hiby eq...

    ok i had them with my also blue super awesome looking cable 175 and the sounded amazing .. bass was dry jawkicking
    and awesome pleasurable highs ... ok i wanted to check how much db i lowered the 4khz in the EQ.. and the EQ was off... ehh ok :wink: .... wow thats a difference then.

    TL/TR i guess i was a bit perplexed and didnt expect this with the tapes...174 caused earbleeding :wink:
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  4. yorosello
    So since no one seems to care to help me out, I just going to assume the kpe cable is the 175 & the kbear spc is either 053/052.
  5. Krassi
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  6. yorosello
  7. courierdriver
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  8. radarnigz5
    just pulled the trigger on 175, hope it will be the last cable of my life
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  9. fokta
    hahaha.. u wishes.. but it just open another gate tl a different realm.. hehehe
  10. fokta
    What is the cable spec?
    by looks, IMO, More on ISN H16...
  11. yorosello
    I posted their picture yesterday. Kbear 8 core is spc while the lyre acoustic seems to be hybrid that's similarly looking like the 175
  12. superuser1

    Seems to be 22 AWG litz 6N OCC while


    Not sure what the AWG is but clearly this is 7N occ 1%Gold/99% silver
  13. yorosello
    I'm sorry for making some confusion, but the lyre acoustic cable that I meant was the one that came with the KPE. KPE stock cable
  14. bogginhead
    Can anyone tell me which UP-OCC, frozen pure copper or pure copper litz, and single crystal copper 2-pin cables are the cheapest / best for the price? I'm looking for a good mainly pure copper cable for my incoming IMR Rah.
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    You guys noticed Aliexpress is charging Tax? What is that about. It would be very surprising to me if they report that tax to the US. Lol. Reason why my 175 cable was $170 was taxes. Some BS if you ask me. How can a Chinese web site be charging taxes and who are they gonna give that tax money to.?

    So the coupon discount is not really a discount it seems. You do the discount to counter the taxes which seems like a made up way to charge extra to counter the coupon and X amount off for buying stuff. Lol. It is a freaking joke.
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