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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. yorosello
    So, that's why some of the stuff seems to be more expensive than at my local store. Hmm now I know why
  2. superuser1

    These are no where close to litz and they don't even mention its litz anywhere... cable 175 would be undoubtedly better in all respects IMH(humble)O
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  3. yorosello
    So any idea what's the material of their cable?
  4. superuser1
    and i quote from translated images,
    "Three One Gold series into the door & 铜 铜 八 & copper eight mixed
    When the local copper and silver copper, to hand-Way reported; 8 Shares, formed, also brought not the same sound.
    Alcohol thick, clear, show, this line with a significant change; sound performance in the original material, but also more balanced sound than the same bit
    The style of gold and the appearance of the plug, this Gold new "" series of a Gold new chapter...

    Four-strand over-processing copper plated thick silver, and four-strand over-processing of wire, woven in a manual manner. The structure of the independent insulation of a telegraph wire is not only true and disturbing in signal transmission, but also the possibility that the conductor can be discolored by corrosion and oxidation. This base test guide design, making the wire more resistant ,
    Can have on many aspects"
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  5. yorosello
    That's very confusing :astonished:
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  6. radarnigz5
    nooooooooooooooo.... are you speaking from experience? haha, ill try my best not to go down deep on this realm lol
  7. yorosello
    Btw, where did you find the description? I couldn't find any that's this detailed except from the pictures
  8. bogginhead
    So...anyone have any suggestions for best cheap (under $40) pure copper or (if even possible) OCC copper litz / UP-OCC?
  9. hakuzen
    if your exact cables are not found in my database, i've not tried them, and can't confirm the wire used.

    the plugs of cable 210 don't look bad quality. in fact, i guess they are better than most cheap chinese plugs. but plugs of 175 are more expensive, due to hard rhodium plating over gold plated beryllium copper. more durable, they are similar quality than top brands plugs.
    just surf through taobao searching for plugs, and you'll find most of the plugs used in chinese cables, and their price.

    cable 192. imo, it's the best 6N OCC/UP-OCC copper litz cable below $40 in my list. ultra flexible and soft, check comments in my database. its price has been lowered a lot during last two days, matching the price of DIYing it. the link has also changed.

    no taxes charged to spain here.
    so the whole aliexpress site is charging taxes when buying from US? it sounds like another chapter of commercial war between US and China
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  10. superuser1
    Translated from the images!
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  11. yorosello
  12. Broquen
    Can confirm no tax to Barcelona/Spain. Purchased like 10-12 articles in different stores.
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  13. progdvd
    EU buyers are living with VAT BS for years. Only difference is we're paying 20-ish % of value to the local customs on every order outside of EU over 22 euros
    So you want to buy new DAP or phones whatever that's 400eu sir, and with taxes and DHL that would be total 520eu. Yay
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  14. Devangel
    I'm a bit lost.... Like i said i have some wire from norne audio and i want to try another one for the fun and thank to Hakuzen for recommending neotech but i don't understand all the difference between, up-occ, cryo, litz... What is the best for my HD800 because i want to keep the clarity and resolution(i already noticed going from stock to the norne audio wire give me a more precise soundstage)
  15. progdvd
    Depends how lucky you are, and how much customs staff decides your parcel is worth. Usually with cables and small articles no tax no problem.
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