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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ya it is probably not a pure silver but the sound is good off of it. The cable for $49 is most definitely on par with Alo Litz SPC for $150. In fact I think the Linsul cable might throw out slightly better detail in the sound. It does throw out a brighter tone to earphones with added detail much like my other silver cables.

    I believe Linsul is getting them from Lunashops. [​IMG]http://www.lunashops.com/goods.php?id=5948 which sells theirs for $73. So the linsul version on MD is a much better deal.
  2. hakuzen
    yes, it's spc but as clean sounding as the best of my cables.
    check the comments and links of cable 130 (and other cables using same wire) in my list.
    there is even a version with interchangeable jacks, and some for headphones and not standard iem terminations.
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  3. thejoker13
    Hey @Dsnuts, I'm hoping you can help answer a question I have. You own several of the pure silver cables from Ali that run around 60 bucks, correct? Like this one for example.....
    I know several sellers sell them and I believe they're all the same. I have one from the banned brand, as well as one from Hotfi store. Anyways, my question is under the assumption that you do indeed own the cable I pictured and am referring to. Is that cable different from the yellowish one you linked above, other than color? The connectors and braiding look the same, but I'm curious if you think they're different enough to warrant me purchasing one, if I own the pure silver ones. I hope my mumbo jumbo makes sense, lol.
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  4. thejoker13
    Okay, I'm going to tell you guys something that will probably make me lose all credibility around these parts, but it is what is, haha.
    I try and be careful when I talk about cables and not speak to much about my opinions on them sonically. I know it's a sensitive topic around headfi, but maybe I can speak freely on this thread. To be honest I've never been truly convinced that cables had much of an effect on an iem sonically because I had never really experienced a drastic change happen by changing cables. I believed that subtle changes happened with clarity and staging by going with a high end pure copper, or an expensive pure silver, but again, nothing drastic.
    I recently had my audio belief system turned upside down, and I want to share it with you guys. I'm hoping maybe someone more knowledgeable can help me understand what is actually going on.
    Anyways, I own the pure silver cable from okcsc with the amazing plugs, as well as the pure silver cable, the more expensive one from AK store and the "other" store that goes for around 160.00. I also own the pure copper with alloy cable from the aforementioned stores. My point is, they're very nice cables, with quality materials, but I haven't noticed major differences using them with my various iem's. I recently bought the 8 core single crystal copper, silver plated cable from Nicehck for around 100.00. I didn't expect much of a change because of my prior experience with other quality cables, but what I found shocked me!
    I should mention that all of my cables are terminated in 2.5 balanced, so they're all the same there. So anyways, I plugged my new cable to my favorite iem's, the Toneking T88k's first, because I know that iem the best of all I own and I wanted to just see how the cable paired with them. The result was unlike anything I've ever experienced before. The staging seems wider and deeper, much more holographic. The bass sounds tighter and the instruments more clearly defined and separated. Also, the treble sounds even more natural and clear with a little added shimmer. I'm not talking small differences here, but fairly major audible change. I'm convinced that the changes are drastic enough that they would show on a frequency response graph. I did several back and forth between another cable of similar materials and price point, and also repeated the same song that I'm very familiar with to try and compare them. The differences were unreal to my ears!!! Again, this is a brand new phenomenon for me and I'm not sure what to think about it. At the end of the day, I fully believe this has to be more than a placebo effect and has to be a measurable change.
    @hakuzen I believe you own this cable as well, correct? Have you measured it, and what is your opinion on it?
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  5. superuser1
    Interesting as i have had similar epiphanies recently... I would say it changes the impedance and that is what changes the sound? @hakuzen
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  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    @thejoker13 [​IMG]

    You guys want to hear drastic changes done on an earphone with a cable swap. I have made the NiceHCK M6 my cable testing iem for the single fact that it has literally a different sound profile from every cable I tried it with. Just about any cable makes the phones sound infinitely better over the stock cable it came with.

    As per that cable. Yes I do own that silver cable. The yellow gold plated one on MD is different. With the cables you already have don't know if it is necessary a purchase you need but I can vouch for the gold plated cable. I am using that on my AndromedaS in balanced and I am using that same silver cable you showed on my Solaris balanced. I don't miss the Alo litz and super litz cables the earphones came with when using these.
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  7. AvijitSingh
    WOAH SOLARIS AND ANDROMEDA Goals, can you link to the M6
  8. thejoker13
    Cool, thanks man. I may just pick one up to have, since it's a decent quality cable for a good price.
  9. Dsnuts Contributor

    This is NiceHCKs version of the BGVP DMGs. 4BA + Dual dynamic. You can buy these to check out the effects of different cables and not to mention they sound great. These are fairly revealing of sources too. There is a head-fier discount when you check out you have to use the code head-fier and then let NiceHCK change the price to $99. Will most definitely be worth getting a pair to mess around with.

    If you have any question about the M6 or how to get the discount. Go ahead and message niceHCK and Jim will get back to you and show you how to do the code. It is not as intuitive as I describe unfortunately. Whatever you do make sure the earphones are ordered but not paid. They will change the price for you.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
  10. Carlsan
    Wish HCK would do a version of the DM6, my massdrop order got lost and now the DM6 doesn't seem to be easily available from reputable sources. Really wanted to try those.
  11. AvijitSingh
    Do you find the Andromeda or solaris to be not as revealing?
  12. hakuzen
    this is cable 115 in my list. completely different wire than 130. i added information of the wire used in these cables recently. check it.

    my experience with cables is exactly the same as yours.

    from my review of GUCraftsman cables:
    "cables don't sound anyhow. they only conduct the signal. they can only degrade the signal.
    the goal is trying to minimize that degradation. interference from outside can degrade the signal. twisting the strands into the cores, and also the cores, prevents some kind of interference. braided screens and other sleeves prevent other kind of interference, but this adds weight and stiffness, and it's not so important for earphones wearing. at least, this is what i've understood after some reading sessions.
    other kind of "degradation" is internal: attenuation (and may be others) due to resistance of the conductor. all the materials advances look for better conductivity, less resistance: fewer impurities (purity grade), more linear structure (single crystal, occ).. but the impact grade of these advances on signal degradation compared to the difference of price is still questionable, imo.

    i've compared frequency response using different types of wire (same conditions), and the difference, if any, is not noticeable. so no tonal variation. there is an exception of this, when using sensitive balanced armatures (this include hybrids) earphones; resistance of the cable is added to output impedance of your source; above 1Ω (total) can alter tonal response noticeably (high frequencies specially). this is another reason to seek for minimal resistance cables. in my experience, i'd aim to cable resistance below 200mΩ (equivalent to 26awg conductor) per signal.

    each time i listen to and compare cables, the more convinced i am about the difference consists mainly in distortion or something which affects to thickness. i must measure this, if possible, as soon as possible, to achieve some demonstrated conclusions. this would explain why we perceive more detail (thinner), or fuller sound (warmer=thicker), which can be erroneously interpreted as tonal variations."

    haven't measured fr, distortion, crosstalk, and others when using different cables yet. forgive me, because i'm top busy lately. i'll try to do first light measurements during next week, because think these differences can be demonstrated some way.
  13. Dsnuts Contributor

    No its not that. The Andro and Solaris are at a completely different level. But for some odd reason. The M6 is not as sensitive of course but I noticed with every cable I swapped onto the M6 it changes sound. Drastically. Much more so than both the andro and solaris.

    In fact so much so as relatively cheap as the M6 is. I was able to get them to sound just as good as any mid fi level earphone I have heard. The definition, imagery, resolution of the sound increases like crazy with cables. I don't have another earphone I own that changes so much.

    Another thing I like about the M6. They can change tonality due to sources as well. I know all earphones have some of this going on but not quite like the M6. It clearly shows me if a source is warm or bright neutral or dynamic and how much stage a source is throwing out. This is what I mean by revealing of source.

    I know this sounds crazy but I had to listen to the M6 for several weeks straight and use them with a variety of sources I own since I wrote a review about them and that is what I came up with on the M6. I tried 5 different cables and all of them throw a different take on the M6. No need to buy these but I like having them around as it clearly shows the properties of cables and sources for me and I have yet to find an earphone that does this as much as the M6.
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  14. AvijitSingh
    Btw, fiio has some affordable adaptors for 2.5->4.4, 2.5->3.5 and, 4.4->3.5, if any one is in need they are around $20 a pop, for those who do not want to repeatedly change cables or have a single one they like
  15. hakuzen
    thanks for the info. i do prefer no-wire or ultra short adapters for that. from the cheap oksc (cheaper than fiio wire adapters) to the expensive eidolics (2x price).
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