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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. MadDane
  2. courierdriver
    Yeah, thanks! I don't personally know anyone with those skills and I'm just at the point now, where I think I'll just use them with the stock single-ended cable they shipped with. Unless something happens where they completely blow me away within the next couple of weeks, I'm prolly gonna sell this set. The other iems I currently own just sound so much more to my liking, and both have easier upgrade options for cables. I didn't think this thing thru enough I guess, when I bought them. The raised connector type on the No.3 and KZ ZS10 PRO I thought were the same, since I had never seen this type of connector before. I had no idea that both these types of connectors were some kind of proprietary thing. That's a big no no for me, because it now excludes me from getting upgrade cables. I'm thinking it might be time to look elsewhere for a 3rd set.
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  3. fokta
    how is the jack? is it nicely build?
  4. hakuzen
    very interested of comparison with your other up-occ wires, please, because i've not tried that 26awg silver litz wire (take your time, not in a hurry).
  5. Mlaihk
    Nice! Any links to purchase thi cable?

  6. warriorpoet
    It's super small, not much to it. It seems built well enough, though not as big or chunky as some nor as clean as the ALO on the Gu.Craftsman.

    Will do! Monday it is!

    I ordered it custom from the Electro Acousti store. If you send a message first the builder will give instructions. He lets you select the parts you want from his store.
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  7. SilverEars
    I was digging around looking for precision multimeters for resistance measurements, and the ones to look for are the "Internal Resistance Meters" based on your post. Is $40 a good price for range of 0-200m ohms? I have no idea how the resolution is (doesn't give me an error/tolerance spec), but here is the specs

    Battery Voltage : 0~1.999/ 2.00~19.99/ 20.0~50.0V
    Resistance/ Battery Internal Resistance: 0~199m/ 200m~1999m/ 2.00~19.99Ω
    Negative Polarity Indication: “-”shown on the display automatically
    Operating environment: temperature: 0℃~+40℃
    Relative humidity :<80%
    Temperature Coefficient: 0.1×(specified accuracy)/℃(<18℃ or >28℃)
    Battery: 9V battery, 6F22 or equivalent (1 piece)
    Size : 150x83x44mm
    Weight : 315g
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
  8. Cevisi
    is that m in mohm big or small ?
  9. SilverEars
    small, m stands for milli. So, 199m is 0.199

    There are meters that read in the mili-ohms that costs hundreds of dollars, and I think these 'internal resistance meters' or 'testers' are the cheap route for precision resistance measurements.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
  10. Cevisi
    i know

    maybe look for this on i already worked whit it


    0.001 till 40M ohm resolution is 0.001

    should be 40 dollars but i dont know if you get these outside off germany

    the best multimeters overall are from a company called fluke but they start at 300 dollars for thier basic model up to dont now i got a 20000dollar one at work
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
  11. SilverEars
    I found one on US Amazon! Very nice resolution for $35, thanks!
  12. Cevisi
    have fun :blush:
  13. SilverEars
    Actually, the resolution is .1 ohm +-1.6% of 400 ohm
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
  14. SilverEars
    How do I check if I'm getting the right readings I wonder? I need to check if my meter is actually that precise.
  15. Cevisi
    i know it just from personal experience i never read the technical details but this one showed me precise the natural resistance off 1meter pure copper whit a cross section of 1mm at 30 degre celsius at 0.175 - 0.180 so it was safe use for me
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