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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. fokta
    10 hour break in, 173.

    20190716_080736.jpg 20190716_074303.jpg 20190716_154922.jpg 20190716_154943.jpg

    Continuing Impression,
    Material : The 2.5mm Rhodium Jack makes the cable looks damn good, even the Y-Splitter looks and feel heavy, not a regular material. MMCX looks usual but when u touch it, its different.

    As expected, it's neutral but tends to Bright. Still have puncy bass.
    The additional I heard is the High become airy...
    The Micro detail in High makes you feel Wider soundstage.

    Will get back after 1 week.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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  2. hakuzen
    i don't own any TFZ, so can't help. @Slater's suggestion of filing the housing of the pins a bit looks the best solution.

    Thanks for your impressions! They match mines 100%.
    I noticed bigger sound stage with this cable, mainly deeper (better layering), but also wider and maybe taller.

    The Eagle rhodium plug is made of beryllium copper, gold plated, and rhodium plated over the gold plating. It's a very good quality plug, and costs 6x the price of every plug used in the chinese cables from my stock; most of them are made of brass, with a thin gold plating.
    Look is also premium.
    For DIY, I'd choose the Eagle gold plated version (no rhodium plating), because my solder skills are already low.

    BTW, Electro Acousti Store (cables 173-174 and 170-171 in my list) has added several new shipping methods now (cheaper than Aliexpress Premium shipping, or even free) and some cheaper cables. With this new total price, I can say they are the best value up-occ cables available in Aliexpress (thanks to their variety of wires and terminations, and quality of the components). Oh my... this is a danger for my wallet..
    Those who were suffering high shipping costs to their countries, check now the alternatives.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
  3. subwoof3r
    My 173 has been shipped yesterday (at 2 days before the automatic order cancel), can't wait to receive it :)
    If confirmed from my side, the impressions I read here are exactly what I'm looking for.
    But be sure that my next cable will be again an UP-OCC (frozen this time) material based :D
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  4. fokta
    Never thought Taller Soundstage, but yes, the micro detail in high appears to create that.
    After Brain burn in... rumble can be present, but depends on songs.
    Example, on Billie Eilish album, Rumble still there, compare to 130.

    BTW, below is the picture of the jack rhodium... dunno why, I love watching this
    prob this is my first time having this...
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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  5. Palash
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  6. Palash
    ISN Audio S4 , One of the best cable. Even better than my Effect audio Origin. Detailed impression coming soon.

  7. falcoon
  8. subwoof3r
    Nice, those Eagle plugs looks very premium and high quality. I think I will order 1 or 2 pairs for later DIY project. Now I understand their price.
    I appreciate the space on it which makes soldering task more easy.
    The only reluctant side is the shipping cost to France (at least), which is the same as ordering another plug itself, but Electro Acousti store looks finally serious.
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  9. hakuzen
    Electro Acousti has added several new shipping methods, cheaper than Aliexpress Premium shipping (which used DHL to Spain). Now I can select ePack, Aliexpress Standard Shipping, and others.
    Check it, because shipping costs aren't a no-no anymore.

    For DIY, consider also the gold plated version, besides of the gold+rodhium plated version, because rhodium plated contacts may require extra heat, flux, and even sanding the plating (you get extra durability, as a gift for your extra effort).
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  10. subwoof3r
    You are right, I totally forgot the new shipping methods frm the seller. Now its better: 3.84$ for plug shipment (ali standard), thank you :)
    I will order the gold plated version, as what you said affraid me concerning the rodhium soldering difficulty :D
    Looks like the seller has no direct standard 3.5mm, right? (yeah, I'm still oldschool! haha), can only see 2.5mm (so I will need to use an adapter which I prefer to avoid)
  11. fokta
    wow... just realize, the price is more expensive then the S16... so i believe the cable material is different
  12. hakuzen
    They only stock gold+rodhium plated version in 3.5mm. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1000007579285.html
    Don't know if gold plated version in 3.5mm exists and if they can stock it; ask them.
    In my case, after getting some balanced sources, every cable I buy uses a balanced plug. The penalization of needing an adapter when using it with single end outputs, is compensated by the versatility: they can be used with both types of output.
    I've not tried soldering on rhodium plated contacts, but heard of the extra effort from people who have tried. Guess if you can sand the plating using an small file, it will be easier. Anyway, you can ask to Electro Acousti guys before ordering, because they solder on these plugs quite well (the resistance of R- signal is even with the others, after soldering two 28awg cores on a really tiny plated contact).

    I don't own S4, but sure it uses different wire. by specifications, look and price, guess it uses same wire than cable 128 of my list.
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  13. Palash
    Yes the cable material is different. The cable is soft and very light weight.
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  14. MadDane
  15. TooPoorForHiFi
    Any Recommendation for PURE COPPER 2.5mm Balanced MMCX Cable around $100 USD?
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