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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. keoki
    Do you think the 8 core will make a significant change in the sound compared to the 4 core? I have cable 125 for my DM6 and they sound great, but I find it a tad stiff. The 8 core looks to be a lot more flexible. Too bad cable 169 and 165 are MMCX only as I need a "go to" 2 pin cable...
  2. hakuzen
    no, guess it won't have noticeable sound difference.
    i aim to 8 cores ones, because i prefer minimizing the resistance to get better effectiveness and damping factor, and to avoid slight variations in mids and highs when using some BA iems.
    4 cores (cable 170) measured around 260mOhm per signal. that's good conductivity, you shouldn't have any issues with it
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  3. Neithan
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  4. hakuzen
    when 8 cores version of a cable uses exactly the same type (width) cores than the 4 cores version, the 8 cores version is stiffer.
    so cable 170 (4 cores) will be more flexible than cable 171 (8 cores) for sure.
  5. scotvl
    I've got the 2.5mm version of the Isn H16 on the way from Penon audio. I think it should be here tomorrow, I'll let you know how it sounds with my KPEs after a little burn in.

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  6. archy121
    Cable 171 not available yet to place orders on AliExpress ? Or is the order under 8 Roots ?
  7. hakuzen
    yes, cable 171 is 8 roots/cores. 170 is 4 cores. exact wire used in both: taiwan neotech frozen up-occ copper litz, PE sheath 28awg
  8. keoki
    is there any recommendations for a recessed 2 pin cable? I'm noticing that when using a mmcx to 2 pin adapter there could be a possibility of the pins breaking, I wouldn't want to get a new cable and have the pins not seat properly and break off.
  9. fokta
    links to 171 plz?
  10. hakuzen
  11. fokta
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  12. superuser1
    What is killing me is the shipping to India
  13. fokta
    Can u whisper a bit, how much ?
  14. audio123
    Noble Kaiser Encore + ISN S4
    Quite a solid new offering from ISN, S4. The S4 is made of silver plated OCC with a 4 core braided design. Pairing with my Noble Kaiser Encore, the overall sound is smoother without compromising on the details. Bass is presented in a more bodied manner. Vocals are expressed smoothly. The treble retains definition without sounding sharp. The soundstage has more fullness. Very affordable cable and highly recommended. Enjoy & happy listening, as always! :)

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  15. superuser1
    About 30+ USD
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