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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. BadReligionPunk
    Awesome Job @Slater. Seriously both you and @hakuzen are really doin a great thing here. Good to hear the HCK 8 cores are of good quality. It seems like that's where its at for cheap replacement cables for cheaper Chifi models. I have to say as far as looks and price go, the 8 core w/carbon plug is probably a "best buy". Really looking forward to the 16 core teardown. I am hopeful that its the real deal.
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  2. jaker782
  3. Slater
    Thanks, I am glad I'm able to contribute and help the community in some way. I am looking forward to the teardown of some 16 core cables as well :)

    I really am hoping that this whole 'fake cable' thing is isolated to those few TRN models. Only time will tell though. I will say that even if the TRN cables had all of the cores connected, the solder joints were pretty poor IMO.

    I am also concerned about why the TRN ends are so similar to JC Ally cables (with that distinctive criss-cross knurled aluminum finish). In the back of my mind I wonder if both TRN and JC Ally cables are made by the same factory (and if there's issues with 1 does that mean there's also issues with the other, because I own a number of JC Ally cables).

    As far as the NiceHCK cable, it does appear to be a 'sure thing' as far as best bang-for-the-buck budget cable. If I had to be critical of it, it is kinda thin and can get tangled when compared to most of these other 8-core upgrade cables. But thin = soft and flexible, so it's not necessarily a bad thing.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  4. fokta
    u might go for 170, since its Litz cable. 165 is unclear if its litz or not, although the spec mention it.

    I want 170 but since Hakuzen mention the difference is slight, so I sticked with this 165...
  5. jaker782
    Which niceHCK cable are you referring to? A link would be great! Thanks.
  6. BadReligionPunk
  7. Slater
    Cable 060 in hakuzen’s database:


    060. hck ct3 ofc 8c (brown,furt,M): 206/210..206/204..200/205..486/195..[19g]
    best conductivity and build quality in the cheapest segment (<$10) cables.
    very soft and flexible. blue point marks ground/- pin.
    sound is acceptable.
  8. courierdriver
    Wow! Dude...I got huge respect that you can do that. I got no skillz with that kinda stuff and even if I did...I'd never be able to even SEE stuff so small! Thanks soooooo much for doing these cable autopsies. You and @hakuzen rule! You both now have me wondering about my ISN C16. I wonder if I'm safe. I like this cable on my KanasPro, but I'm now starting to wonder if it's as good as I think it could be. Have you tested this.. @Slater, @hakuzen?
  9. superuser1
    is this the cable with the offending solder work? or lack of it :D
  10. Slater
    @hakuzen is the one that does the resistance testing of cables, and he has catalogued a ton of them.

    I’m kinda specializing in the physical dissection of the cables, but I have done a much smaller subset of hakuzen’s (plus some stuff he doesn’t have in his database).

    As far as ISN, I have not tested anything other than some TRN, Kinboofi, KZ, and NiceHCK cables 6 and 8-core cables (but my list is always growing).

    Hakuzen did test the ISN C16, and you can find it listed as cable 150 in his list:

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  11. Slater
    From my post covering the physical dissection of that particular cable (060):

    I was impressed by the high quality solder joints and very good strain reliefs inside the jack of both cables.”

    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  12. fokta
  13. courierdriver
    Thanks, bro! I like this cable with my KPE. But I also still like my JCALLY 8 core with my ZS10 PRO. The ISN is definitely softer and more comfortable, but the JCALLY is a bit more so. Sonically, It's a tossup...both are a great match to the iem's that they are connected to...but I'm current preferring preferring the ZS10 PRO with the balanced JCALLY cable more. Weird.
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  14. hakuzen
    from my list of measurements, you can check which ones have solder issues (uneven measurements when same conductor material, are bold emphasized):

    (125) 7n occ 4c (copper,furt,MV).....................................57/57/bad/55..59/59/bad/57..53/53/54/54..64/62/62/71..[36]
    ....................only one 1 from 4 had broken solders. isolated qc issue

    (131) 7n occ spc 8c (brown,oyde,M)................................107..114..106..125..[31.4] defective (see spoiler)
    ...................although not uneven measurements, one positive signal was touching some ground signal: sound was very weird affected. now i check this in every cable i measure (cross measuring, not showed results unless issues)

    (065) jcally 5n tpc 4c (dark blue,cheap furt,MV)...............84..184..80..107..[34.4] (some strands in a core not well soldered or broken)
    (066) jcally 5n tpc 8c (black,cheap furt,MV).....................249..130..126..126..[29.2] (one core not soldered)
    ..................the only jcally i found without solder issues were copper color ones. coincidence? i'd need more colored or black cables to confirm this. as i mentioned largely, these cables share same cheap furutech styled jacks than TRN 8 cores cables. jack and solder are their weakest points.

    (120) bgvp 6n occ+spc? 8c (grey) =DM6 stock...............169..173..277..190

    (060) hck ct3 ofc 8c (brown,furt,M)..................................206/210..206/204..200/205..486/195..[19]
    .................1 of the 2 cables i measured had 1 right ground core (from 2) unsoldered. isolated qc issue? i'd need to measure some more to confirm it. @Slater has dissected one of these and it's ok. so only 1 of 3 issues till now

    (062) hck ct2 ofc 16c (brown,furt,M)................................402..259..239..244..[22.5]
    .................copper version had 1 left core (from 4) unsoldered. spc version was ok. so i'd need to measure some more units to get statistics and confirm it is an isolated qc issue

    (056) trn spc 6n occ 8c (silver+black,cheapBal furt,M)....423/414..219/216..289/244..150/223
    (056) trn spc 6n occ 8c (yellow+silver,cheapBal furt,M)...429..289..265..137
    (056) trn spc 6n occ 8c (yellow+silver,cheap furt,M)........454..219..135..267
    ................cores unsoldered, strands broken or unsoldered, etc.

    (050) tpc 8c (gold,oyde,M)...............................................346..636..374..443

    it seems that they check that the cable "works" in most cases. but qc doesn't include resistance measurements to check solders..
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
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  15. archdawg
    On AE those same ubiquitous cheap (7-8€) black and white or silver/gold 8-core TRN cables are being sold under a couple other names as well: Jinserta, QKZ, ...



    ... but yeah, who's the actual manufacturer of those cables?
    What about Shenzhen Tiandirenhe Co. LTD ?

    Anyway, fantastic job Slater - keep it up!
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
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