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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. bjaardker
    The V series is not waterproof. They've stated that's a feature they've skipped in favor of focusing on the audio and the camera.
  2. Decommo
    I was about to get V10 this week and found this thread..... I am so eager to see what V20 offer against V10... 
  3. LajostheHun
    The phone won't be modular, the bottom is removable for both the battery and the SD/Sim card access.
  4. LajostheHun
    The gain setting is a PIA on the V10 and it is a legitimate issue for people who use it with other than IEMs, let's hope LG wised up on this issue and stop catering to the lowest common denominator. :mad:
  5. LajostheHun
    The 2V output will put it roughly in equal company with the Audioquest Dragonfly red.
  6. educator
    An interesting analysis of the DAC in the v20


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  7. ehjie
    .... Good info Link. What i want to see (and hear) if the V20 Could play back 6 channel audio.... Still my V10 days could be numbered...
  8. beowulf
    So, is this thing expected to be able to power something like an HD 800 or other 300 Ohm cans?
  9. maxh22

    It will power them to decent volumes but it won't drive them well. My LG V10 drives the HD 700s decently as well but a dedicated amp leaves it in the dust!

    The V20 will have 2V lineout so if you hook it up to a higher power amp it will drive it better for sure! The V10 I believe has a 1V lineout and I always had to max out my amp to compensate . so it was far from ideal.
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  10. tommo21

    Will be launched at 9 PM in San Fransisco(PST)
  11. musicday
    Will it have a QHD display OLED or the ordinary LCD?
  12. LajostheHun
    The latest leak says QHD LCD and a 4000mah battery is also mentioned which would be a real step up from the V10's 3000mah. Not to mention the 820SOC which is leaps more efficient than that clunker 808 in the V10. So if LG don't screw this up they could have a real powerhouse in their hand.
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  13. musicday
    They produce the best big OLED screens for high end tv and add again LCD to this phone?
    I will pass and stick to my Flex.
  14. Onitsuka
    OLED screens for smartphones, which typically and frequently used for web browsing and display image with white background, isn't a good idea. I choose LCD over OLED any day on a smartphone.
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