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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. Madcat207
    Is the boot loop issue something that happens with time, or....?
    In the months of owning my v10 i have never once seen it do it; kinda curious under what circumstances it can happen..
  2. club968
    I heard rumors before the phone was released that Bang and Olufsen had a hand in tuning the audio that comes out of the hifi DAC of this phone. Now that it's been revealed to not be a modular phone like everyone was expecting, is this still the case? Or is it strictly just a Sabre/Qualcomm/LG affair now? Just wanted to get an idea of what kind of sound signature to expect.

    I felt that the G5 with hifi was very detailed with good sound staging, but also felt that it did a better job with rock and pop music vs classical, etc.. and I think B&O was to blame (get credit) for this.
  3. Imsorrywallet
    The b&o tuning is only in the Asian markets, and the lg audio engineers tune it in all other markets. Also, it is speculated that the b&o iems rumored to come with the v20 could be available in all markets for a limited time
  4. club968

    Wont need the IEMs, though I suppose o could sell them. Now I just have to wait and see what the new Google HTC pixel phone will offer in terms!s of audio quality. If there's no effort to compete like the HTC 10, I think the v20 will be my next phone.
  5. NightFantasies
    I currently have a G4 and it's a nightmare, not only have I had the bootloop issue, but it has also fried my SD card causing me to lose all my pictures..  The V20 looks very attractive, however I'm terrified that I will run into the similar problems that I did with the G4.   
    I wasn't aware the bootloop was happening in the V10, I thought it was only the G4.  
  6. MonsieurNiceGuy
    Boot loop is honestly random at this point. Either you don't get it or you do. 
    Unfortunately, based on posts in the V10 subreddit, it's fairly wide spread. 
  7. LuvMusic
    The problem with the reports is that only those experiencing the boot loop issue report it.  You don't get people who are not having the issue logging in and saying their V10 is OK.  So, I'll start a trend.......I've had the V10 since it was released in the U.S. on Tmobile and it has worked flawlessly for me.
    I just wonder what it is with B&O and the U.S.?  The LG Friends B&O expansion wasn't released in the U.S. either.  I suspect that U.S. B&O dealers have an exclusive arrangement with B&O on selling B&O branded stuff, so, if you are not a B&O dealer, you can't sell it.
    Since I am grandfathered into Tmo's original Jump plan, I can upgrade to the V20 and pay only sales tax, which I am considering.  Waiting to see what the pre-order offers look like and read some pre-release reports from the tech sites.
  8. stenog
    I had the LG V10 for 7 months and never had this boot loop. My V10 has been working perfect from day one (knock on wood). :)
  9. Onitsuka
    I've had my V10 for quite a while, around 5 months. Nothing wrong happens, unlike those Samsung and Chinese phones.
  10. Godzillinois

    I’m fairly new to the audiophile world and have yet to delve too deeply in it, so forgive me in advance of my ignorance.
    What is the big deal about the specs on the LG V20?  Would those specs theoretically be noticeable at all compared to normal smartphones or iPods/mp3 players?  According to a few online tests I can’t really tell the difference between 192kpbs and 320 mp3 files, but I’ve never compared against any lossless formats and I know nothing about DACs.  Can someone please ELI5?
    I currently own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and an iPod Touch.  I have a pair of Monoprice 8323 over the ear headphones, Monoprice 8320 in-ears, Monster DNAs, Shure SRH750DJ headphones and a Fiio E6 I rarely use.  I’ve played around with the idea of getting a Pono Player or a new Sony Walkman, so the idea of the LG V20 intrigues me especially since the new Notes are blowing up and the iPhone 7 did away with the headphone jack.
  11. jasonb
    Looks like a great device. Interested to head comparisons of how it actually sounds compared to the V10. I won't be upgrading anytime soon though.
  12. gurus
    It uses quad DACs so the noise floor is very low when combined with an analog volume control. =better sound as the details and hopefully the imaging/soundstage will be better.
    Also, the voltage output is supposedly twice that of any phone. =better sound as it should be be able to drive IEMs with more authority=better bass.
    So in theory it should sound better than most phones. But hearing is believing. So go listen to it and it might be the all-in-one solution for you.
  13. gr8soundz
    No worries, many people can't hear the difference between a good mp3 and a lossless file (192 and 320kbps can also be hard to tell apart especially if both are mp3s).
    Lossless files can start at about 700kbps (over twice the data rate of mp3's max 320) and can go much higher. Recent smartphones (with the right app) can play many formats including hi-res (which is anything at or higher than 24-bits and 48Khz; regular CDs are 16-bit and 44Khz).
    My old Note 3 (stock) could play hi-res files but that alone was only a subtle improvement. Had to use an external dac and amp device (like the Fiio E18; connected via the Note 3's usb port) to get fuller, more detailed sound. The Fiio's dac (digital to analog converter) did a much better job decoding the music than the Note's Snapdragon dac (which is part of the cpu chip; compatible yes but almost an afterthought when talking about serious audio).
    LG's V series phones have a separate ESS headphone amplifier and dac chip(s) built-in. The Snapdragon dac (and regular amp to make the headphone jack and speaker work) inside the cpu is still there but (in the V series) it only runs when no headphone is attached to save battery life.
    V10 was one of the first phones to not need an external amp. With the right headphones, it's an all-in-one powerhouse. My V10 alone sounds better than my Note 3 did with external dac/amp velcro'd to it (though not quite as much power; external device with it's own battery will usually be more powerful)
    Expect the same from the V20.
  14. Godzillinois
    Thanks all! Now I just have to wait for a release announcement, and then for a local shop to have a display model I'll be able to test! Would the improvement in sound quality be noticeable even with poor to mid-level headphones or earphones?
  15. Godzillinois
    Sorry, I just thought of another question: I listen to alot of my music via my Google Play Music subscription, will the LG V20 provide a better listening experience even with a streaming service like Google Play Music, Spotify etc.?
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