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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. m0nster
    Does anyone of you know how quick LG usually start selling their phones after going public (i.e. 6. or 7. September in the case of the LG V20)? Especially for Europe (Switzerland) would be interesting.

    I will soon need a new phone and would love it to be an awesome sounding phone :)
  2. sabloke
    Usually phones are available day 1 from online retailers like Handtec and Clove in UK. There's no information on their websites yet and that's not a good sign at all, so I doubt we'll be able to purchase in September.
  3. BarDash
    It'd be a great marketing idea to take trade ins from more popular brands to garner some hype. I'm thinking Samsung and maybe the Iphone! Personally I'd trade my Note 5 in if I could put a nice dent in the payoff amount... Probably just wishful thinking, :rolleyes:
  4. sabloke
    I've got a G4, Nexus 5 and a Nexus 6P ready to trade, ha ha ha!
  5. ninjasquirrel
    lol so what exactly stopped you from selling those on ebay?
  6. m0nster

    Thanks for the answer. Let's hope for the best then :)
  7. sabloke
  8. maxh22
    ESS released more info on their "Quad Dac" technology. Interesting read...
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  9. zachchen1996
    All this makes me wonder if LG eventually plans to release a full on dedicated android DAP like the ZX2 or DP-X1.
  10. stenog
    Why should they ? If the V20 is better than the V10 then imagine the V30 :)
  11. maxh22
    There is no point of them doing that. Buy releasing a audiophile grade smartphone they are differentiating themselves in the Phone market and sucking up potential dap users who were planning on purchasing one. There are many people like myself who value audio quality above something like water resistance in the Galaxy S7. I think the new V20 should give the AK units a hard time. Since LG said they have reduced ambient noise by 50%, the sound should be smoother and more detailed than the current V10.
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  12. Sound Eq
    spetember is going to be interesting LGv20 and Iphone 7 coming out. But maybe in the end I will buy the note 7 :)
  13. fordski

    Thanks for the post. It'll be interesting to see how the implementation in the V20 sounds. I have the V10 and the Onkyo DP-X1 and have started using my V10 exclusively for music when out on walks etc. The X1 still sounds better but for casual listening while walking the V10 is great. 
  14. GoodEnoughGear
    ********* EDIT: Corrected spec table ******************
    Looks like measurements are a bit of a mixed bag vs the 9018C2M in the V10:
    9018C2M (V10)                   ES9218 (V20)
    HyperStream I                    HyperStream II
    SNR: n/a                           SNR: 130DB
    Digital Volume Control         Analog Volume Control
    DNR: +127DB                    DNR: +124DB
    THD+N: -120DB                 THD+N: -112DB

    I find the V10 is black with my Andromedas already, so not sure what effect that dynamic SNR stuff will really make. That said, I find on Aux mode with sensitive IEMs I can hear a ghosted 'noise shadow' on quiet passages, especially bassy sections that is very clear and annoying. Try the opening bars of "The best is yet to come" by Stacey Kent to see what I mean. I hear this effect even with SE215s and the QB3s that came with the V10. It doesn't sound like a noise floor, but some form of interference/distortion as additional amplification kicks in.
    It would be nice to have that cleared up, though it's really a nit-pick and not audible on less sensitive gear. But in the end it doesn't look like this SOC makes much real difference from a pure numbers perspective. We'll need to hear it to see what improvements there may be in filters and power cleanup. Ears will be the final judge.
  15. maxh22
    I think you mixed the two of these chips up by mistake. The 9018K2M is the V10 and the ES 9218 is the V20. The chip plays a big part but implementation is a key factor. I haven't had a need for AUX line out mode for my iems since they already have more than enough power on low gain mode. (Shure SE 535 and IE 80). I don't even bother tricking the phone into outputting more power unless I am using headphones and I want it to drive it with more authority. The Aux line out mode will always have more distortion and noise unfortunately.
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