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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. mochill
  2. m0nster

    Who isn't? Please, LG, make this as big as it sounds so far! Nice screen, awesome sound, big storage capacity, state of the art software, nice desing... I am hyped :)
  3. m0nster
    Some teasers for us:
  4. m0nster
    I'll just spam here until it's out :)

    Seems the V20's audio section is also designed by B&O including a headphone from them. Wouldn't mind it shipping without the headphone actually. But it seems to be a serious audio smartphone!
  5. Onitsuka
    Really hope they won't kill the 2nd screen in v20. Been a very good experience with v10 and it's screens. Fingerprint reader can be improve also, sometimes it's really difficult to get the fingerprint get recognized or I have to reboot the phone.
  6. bjaardker
    It sounds like not only do they have the new DAC, but they've also brought on B&O to help:

    Hopefully this doesn't mean they're going to wreck everything with some sort of crappy DSP that can't be shut off or bypassed. I have no frame of reference for the B&O Play stuff.
  7. GoodEnoughGear
    Sorry, edited post above for accuracy. Thanks!
  8. emad
    Is it removable battery?!!!
  9. mochill
    Should be, if not then it'll be a sad news
  10. emad
    Why tomorrow?
    The conference is September 6th.
  11. GoodEnoughGear
    New Sony stuff tomorrow, ZX2 successor likely. LG next week.
  12. Sound Eq
    i thought the conference is on the 2nd, my mistake
  13. emad
    It is modular

  14. Live with Sound
    So, not waterproof? As much as I'd like them, I'll have to skip. Rainy season gets me wet too much.

    Really, really excited how these will scale to current daps though. Expecting great things!
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