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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. jasonb
    The V10 after the marshmallow update allows every app to use the ess DAC and amp. There is no drama anymore. The only thing some people still cry about is that there is no way to manually select between the gain settings. A non issue for me.
  2. ninjasquirrel
    And right when I was about to buy a V10, I might as well hold off to buy the V20 around release
  3. jasonb

    Nothing wrong with the V10, and you should be able to find them cheap now.
  4. ninjasquirrel
    True, my biggest peeve with these high end smartphones is that they absolutely suck with IEMs. I only use my IEMs on the go so its kind of a pain to have to bring along an amp if I plan on using spotify on the go. as of right now I carry my S6 and my DAP for my IEMs
  5. jasonb
    My V10 sounds good with my old Re-Zero. That's the only IEM I ever use anymore. Use my Q701 and HM5 most of the time.
  6. audioxxx

    Pick up a v10, mine has been fantastic on the go, especially in a noisy environment, or on the go. The overall phone has been a gem to use.

    If the v20 can push the audio quality beyond what the v10 can do, I will be even more impressed, and I will probably purchase it.
    I don't think just adding extra DAC's will be the solution. I still find the Sony zx2 a much more musical experience, which the v10 is left sounding flat in comparisons. I would have liked to have sold it because I had no need for it, maybe the v20 will be able to push past the zx2 for music on the go.
    I think, when you develope a high end DAP with fancy components like high end caps and resisters, and built for the sole purpose of music, it will be very difficult to beat with an all purpose smart phone.

    Maybe LG and ESS can do it. Got my fingers crossed, and would pay a little bit more to have these components added to my smart phone.
    Let's hope so.
  7. ninjasquirrel
    The issue is that I only use sensitive IEMs that would hiss with anything above 1 Ohm, that's why its such a pain to use my smartphone with them. So far, DAPs are the best solution
  8. ninjasquirrel
    If I could muster up the courage to get a huge phone, I might as well get it, I hear great things, but coming from an S6, its a big difference in footprint
  9. audioxxx
    The v10 has a silent background, my most sensitive IEM's, the shure se530 have no hiss at all. You will be impressed with the floor noise.

    Big is beautiful in this case, I really like the size now, the huge screen is fantastic for using the browsers. Not sure I could go back to a smaller phone now. Maybe hold on for the v20, or pick up a bargain priced v10, their so cheap now.
  10. ninjasquirrel
    in that case it's looking real good to me. Thanks for all the information. The price difference between that and the launch price of the V20 will be very much worth while. at least for streaming and the like
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  11. jasonb

    V10 is dead silent. No hiss at all with anything I've plugged into it. It has become my one and only device for headphone playback. Use it with a Q701, HM5, and RE-Zero and sounds great with them all.
  12. Paul Rohde

    You should try the (BBK) Vivo Xplay 5. Vivo uses BB Op amps.  Brilliant, the original brand to use a HiFi Op Amp.
    I now have the V10 and I had the Xplay 3S. I think the 3S sounded better, but I didn't own them at the same time using all the same headphones or A/B comparisons.
    The 3S could bottom-out sometimes on the lowest notes for Yamaha EPH-100 IEM.
  13. Paul Rohde
    If you don't want a huge phone you should look into the (BBK) Vivo Xplay 5. It has a curved screen like Samsung (the screen was supplied by Samsung), 5.4'' screen, but the overall phone is not that small. The Xplay 5 was a bit of a disappointment, except for the world best audio quality (and fastest phone & biggest RAM at the time).  It won't have a brilliant LG camera system too.  (Which is a pity as the older Vivo Xplay 3S would have had the best camera system when it came out in 2013, with LG, Samsung, Apple copying its low aperture a year later.) You could look at other Vivo models too.  Personally I want LG or Vivo to produce a 6'' HiFi phone (again).
  14. Paul Rohde
    I would assume it means there are four separate DAC chips.  This would be to push specs, or the perceived quality to the bleeding edge.  Obviously each channel (left/right) needs a separate DAC circuit which are usually in the same chip.  By completely keeping the circuits separate in separate actual chips, crosstalk between the channels can be lessoned, especially with good board (PCB) layout.  With discrete power lines to each, dynamic range or noise levels may be improved.  Top chips already have incredibly good specs, so the improvement may be (likely to be) imperceivable.  The thing is the output channel is just two (stereo), so why are there four?  I read some somewhere that the improved audio system will allow even better sound separation when recording video, so perhaps the two extra DACS are to do with recording sound (but they would be ADCs?).  If so, this this would be great.  Or the other two could be for phone calls or other system uses, rather than Hi-Fi line-out.  Maybe there is some form of audio mixing in the new phone. We'll have to wait for more info!
  15. GoodEnoughGear
    V10 is dead silent with my Andromedas - not even Mojo is silent with them. I'm very impressed.
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