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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. HipHopScribe
    Press Release:
    I'm excited 
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  2. DGG32
    Interesting, sub'ed
  3. BarDash
    Worth trading in my Note 5?
  4. HipHopScribe
    If it's at least as good as the V10 it'll be a clear upgrade in audio vs. the Note 5. Hopefully the V20 is actually better than the V10, which is already great, in which case it'll probably be the best sounding phone on the market
  5. Vartan
  6. zachchen1996
    So ugly! :p
    A shame they continued with the G5-esque modularity.
  7. Imsorrywallet
    I read that it could be a false leak based on some signs on the phone. Or I also heard that even if it is that design and not like the v10, the "modular" button on the side is a camera button instead of a release button.
  8. jasonb
    Anyone know what quad DAC even means?
  9. BarDash
  10. BarDash
    True... 820 or latest 821 chip?
  11. zachchen1996
    Hopefully it'll be the 821!
    Here's an interesting tidbit from The Verge:
    "LG has collaborated with ESS and engineered a low-power mode whereby three of the DACs automatically shut off when playing back lower-quality music or using lower-quality headsets."
    I wonder how the phone will determine whether or not you're using "lower-quality headsets" lol.
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  12. HipHopScribe
    Probably impedance, like the auto gain modes on the V10
  13. Madcat207
    While I bet you are right,  I would love to think otherwise.  My v10 reads my LCD-2 cans at around 48 ohms (as seen in also mixer)...  I don't think anyone would call them "low quality"... 
    The uncontrollable fain is about my only genuine beef with my v10.  It's not as bad since I got the FIIO E12 on sale,  but still.. That is one setting that should be user overrideable... 
  14. Sound Eq
  15. halcyon
    Wasn't around to witness that mess. Can you do a recap? What was it about and what (if any) was the revolution.
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