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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. fordski
    Live blog of V20 announcement for those interested. http://m.androidcentral.com/lg-v20-liveblog-join-us-san-francisco-9pm-et-sept-6
  2. gurus
    DAC uses an analog volume control! Nice.
  3. ronnel0918
    No aptX HD?
  4. LajostheHun
    Battery is actually at 3200mAh and back actually slides off, the bottom is not removable..

  5. LajostheHun
    Yeah it would be nice it might actually have it but many phone makers pretend it doesn't exists so they don't advertise it. If Apple finally adopt aptx in any form they won't make that mistake, in fact many people will believe they invented it. Can you say NFC? :D
  6. Decommo
    Correct me if I am wrong.... Isn't it better to have digital volume control so no channel imbalance at low volume?
  7. Decommo
    I am still confused which one to get between LG v10 and v20 after watching their opening presentation. v10 is now very attractive in terms of price but not sure how much audio quality v20 is better than v10. I do not care about other features but only care about audio quality since I never play games but only browse web, take occasional photos and mainly listen music...
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  8. DataLighter

    It's surprisingly exciting & welcome features that LG especially needed to implement after poor G5 sales.
    It seems like they nailed the priority items that we want.
  9. fordski

    Someone's going to have to be first and give the rest of us an audio comparison. Volunteers?
  10. bjaardker
    I need to see how much it's going to cost to trade in my v10. If it's less than $400, you might have a volunteer here. I was already considering a new DAP, with the v20's new DAC/AMP, I may just do that instead.
  11. malifact
    Disappointed about the battery, as one of the few things I hated about the V10 was the horrible battery life. Also, no news of a release outside Korea and the USA.
  12. Decommo
    Yes, it is not 4000mah but 3200. According to LG, 20% improvement on battery (5% from batter size and 15% from new more efficient Android Nougat software).
  13. beowulf
    Pity about the battery not going a bit further, 4000 mAh would have been a major plus. I like HTC, but really like the S-Pen, so I'm screwed with just one choice on the market.
  14. gurus
    Directly from ESS
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  15. MonsieurNiceGuy
    The biggest downside to getting the V10 right now is the big chance of getting boot loop in the near future. I personally think it has do to with LG implementation of the 808 and thats why we've been seeing it happen with G4 and Nexus 5X too. 
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