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LG V20 Sound Quality

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zachchen1996, Aug 1, 2016.
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  1. m0nster
    The real question for me is how to get an unbranded V20 to Europe as fast as possible :)
  2. gr8soundz
    Some interesting details on the V20:

    LG rep also stated the the V10 had dual dacs? ESS's site doesn't show the 9018K2M to be a dual dac chip so not sure how they determine this stuff (strange as the V20's 'quad-dacs' which are on a single chip?).

    Looks like the V20 has the same settings UI as the V10. Might have the same 50 ohm cutoff for normal vs high power.

  3. plath
    really want this in the UK!
  4. Subhakar
    No FM Radio?
  5. musicday
    High end smart phones don't have FM radio anymore.
    A big shame as i like it too.
    They want us all to listen to internet radio.
  6. mrhizzo
    I am in Asia, but I don't know how long will take to come here too (Philippines, Thailand or Hong Kong).
  7. MonsieurNiceGuy
    But that means there's also other people who are having the boot loop problem and not reporting it. Again it's random so there's no telling which device is going to get and which ones are not.

    I am in no way trying to discredit the V10, just want to make sure people are informed. I had one and loved it to the death, and am planning on eventually getting the V20 when I get the chance.

    Sp12er3 likes this.
  8. gr8soundz

    Haven't seen that in a new phone for years.

    Besides, now that some companies (like Motorola and Apple) are getting rid of the headphone jack, soon there won't be anywhere to plug in the 3.5mm wire that used to act as the FM radio antenna.
  9. LGV10

    Were all the V10's supposed to come with QB3's? 'Cause mine didnt:mad:
  10. LGV10

    Good article, but it could be titled, "why pure analog is always better".  DSP is akin to voodoo.  Now if I could just figure out how to fit several thousand records into my phone...
  11. maxh22
    That's a bummer... Even when I made the V10 go to Aux mode it still coudn't power the HE 400i's well. Only the high gain would do it. They should let us chose the gain instead of relying on headphone impedance. Some headphones are less efficant than others afterall
  12. Subhakar

    Any andriod phone with a great DAC, like V10 or better, that also offers FM Radio?
  13. Ting Tiew Yik
    I am wondering the difference between sound tuning of B&O and lg.
  14. fordski

    I'm curious about that as well. It seems odd that they would tune them with B&O only for the Korean version.
  15. gurus
    Obviously, for a reason. It might be that LG thinks that Americans might not like the sound signature of the B&O tuning. Personally, I am no fan of it.
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