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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. yangian
    That's one of amazing things that M200 can do magically.
  2. Tommy C
    It is pretty amazing. I had the UE900 for a long time and my biggest issue on top of the build quality was the the shrill highs. 
    I have a pretty sensitive ears and l really don't like headphones and earphones with piercing highs. The M200 for me is a home run. 
  3. james444 Contributor
    Driver flex is usually the result of pressure build-up from a tight seal. Try opening your mouth and pulling your ear lobe as you push the IEM in. This should break the seal and prevent driver flex.
  4. rebbi

    Yes, they are prone to a bit of driver flex, but only upon insertion. Not a big deal for me, at least. But the sound is heavenly. Glad to see that so many people picked up on the sale price – an unbelievable deal, for sure.
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  5. Tommy C
    Yeah, I don't find the driver flex to be an issue at all. They are surprisingly very comfortable and the sound is excellent. Very balanced to my ears with great bass and touch of warm mids just enough to make it enjoyable and not boring. Awesome soundstage and even the highs after burn it sound more vivid. I'm glad picked these up.
    I opted for the m200 instead of the SW3 because of the obvious lower price and from reading the impressions m200 seemed to not have the shrill sound problem so many spoke of on the SW3 thread.

    I just recieved my m200 today from Amazon(79$) They are big, light feeling, and feel slighty weird in the ears but stay in place nicely.

    OOTB they remind me of my short-lived havi but these m200's have better vocals, a touch more sparkle, bass, and precise seperation. They also are hard to drive just like the havi. I'm on high gain already and plan to stay there. Hope they can last longer than the havi did cause I like what I hear so far.
  7. yangian
    Havi is a great product and one of the most cost effective one. But it cannot stand before M200. M200's soundstage is better than Havi, especially the soundstage height, which is much better than Havi. Havi has almost no bass. M200s is superior.
  8. rebbi

    Having owned both the SW III (briefly) and the M200, I think you'll be delighted with the M200. Give them a good 25 hours of break-in time and enjoy!  [​IMG]
  9. StivVid
    Please forgive me if this has already been discussed. If it has, please point me to the discussion... Has anyone tried 600 series Comply tips with the M200? I really think the 500 series is too tight a fit.
  10. james444 Contributor
    Thought I'd share this here... [​IMG]
    By pure chance, I came by a local shop that had the Porsche Design Motion One (made by KEF) on display. I hadn't even known these existed. Anyway, I asked for an audition and they're really really good. Moderately (but tastefully) emphasized bass, clear mids and refined treble. Zero sibilance or harshness. Detachable earpieces that can be used either via cable or wireless BT-necklace, both included. Earpieces have a swivel mechanism, which makes them comfy to wear both downwards and over-ears, despite angled nozzles. Very nifty... you can tell that a great deal of thought has gone into the design. Decent isolation. Overall pretty good value imo, for 250 bucks.
    Bottom line, these strike me as a nice upgrade for people who love the M200, but want a slightly more reference-like (less bassy) tuning, better ergonomics, and the option to go wireless.
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  11. dweaver
    James, what is the isolation like in them?
  12. james444 Contributor

    Like I said, decent. Not Ety / Shure / Westone like, but better than Sony 7550 / EX1000 and JVC Woodies. They had a TV running in the background that was completely muted when I put the IEMs on.
  13. Uberzone
    Guys what better m500 vs m400? In fact, they have the same technical characteristics, but different weight...
  14. pfloyd
    400s better balance on head, 500 has more sub-bass
  15. KookaBurrra
    The M500 "Black Edition" is a wonderful and so beautiful headphone... Great combo with Cowon Plenue 1 !! [​IMG]
    14719280_334251906974947_5905565102693679104_n.jpg       16110902_1453116411379806_2136012705180418048_n.jpg
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