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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. dweaver
    Well after buying and then selling a pair of these when they first came out I finally succumbed to the sale pricing on these this season and bought a second pair. Fit is still a pain but I am finding these more comfortable than the first time around. Sound wise these really were and still are the bomb. I have a pair of the M100 as well so will do a comparison but I am pretty sure the M200 will slay the M100.

    Trying out the small comply tips but suspect I will settle on the large silicone tip.

    Sure wish KEF would go back to the drawing board and just tweak this IEM making it more ergonomic because it does sound sublime.
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  2. Tommy C
    Welcome (back) to the club!
  3. Tommy C
    Agreed. I have been rocking mine for the last 3 weeks and the sound is superb. I don't have any fit issues but l have found a way to set them once and I am good 8 hours of listening. I'm glad you re-joined the club, and wanted to ask you since you also had the PSB M4U 4, which one you like better and how is the fit of the PSB M4U 4? They look kind of large but l am intrigued. 
  4. dweaver
    I accidentally washed the M4U4 so can't do a comparison because they are so damaged by the wash. Sucks because that would have been a great comparison.
  5. dweaver
    Threw on my trusty UE tips and ended falling asleep (back sleeper) for 7.5 hours and woke up still wearing the M200, ZERO discomfort :grinning:.

    Noticed I was struggling between hitting the magic spot between dynamics and volume on my LG G4 switched to the Pono and that issue went away due to its ability to micro adjust the volume.

    For $78CDN these are simply one of the best values anyone will ever find. For Canadian members interested check out Visions Electronics while they are still on sale and available.
  6. Tommy C
    Yeah, it took me a day or so to figure out the fit and since then it's all good. This is indeed a killer deal. I was also looking into the NAD VISO HP20 that they have for the same price but l think based on reviews alone the KEF M200 are superior with their smooth non-fatigue sound with great soundstage and clarity which isn't always easy to achieve.  
  7. pfloyd
    Just do this to fix ergonomics:


  8. Tommy C
    LOL no way hahah
  9. dweaver
    what tips are those?
  10. Grayson73
    If you like these, give the Zero Audio Tenore a try.  Only $3x.xx
  11. yangian
    people's listening are so much different! I saw you like LZ a2 better. To my ear, LZ A2 is almost a garbage, Very small soundstage almost without any soundstage height. Very 2D sound. It's light year falling behind of M200. I got rid of A2 and Havi and got a spared M200.
    BTW, I saw your gears. You may need better sound/amplifier to better drive M200. M200 is a power hunger, almost like Havi.
  12. pfloyd
    Large generics from amazon. I find the shallowest sound tubes really allow the 8mm tip driver to open up and breath, enhancing detail, soundstage and imaging while reducing any mid bass bloat. They also stay very secure, no ear hooks necessary. :headphones:
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  13. Tommy C
    What I really dig is how the highs sound so smooth in a good way, enough sparkle but never too harsh or shrill. l'm currently listening to tracks that l know very well and can tell exactly when other earphones sounded shrill. Also, and this is without a doubt, burn-in has helped them quite a bit. Out of the box they sounded good but highs felt a bit congested but the thing l noticed the most that they were not loud enough playing music but were plenty loud making phone calls. Left them with 20 hrs of pink noise burn in and then tracks and they got louder without a doubt. I wasn't using them in between and actually switched to my Denon which is my daily driver so I'm positive it wasn't a mental burn-in. [​IMG]
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  14. dweaver
    I imagine my pair will change over the next week or two. But even out of the box I am enjoying the heck out of them. Now it will be a fight between them and my ANC headphone for head time.
  15. Tommy C
    On a side note, do you hear a driver flex-like sound when pushing them gently a little deeper into your ear canal? At first I thought it was a driver flex but it seems to be coming from the silicon tips and the tight seal, and it's consistent on both sides. 
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