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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. bigfullz
    Did a little de-construction of my m200. My right earpiece was intermittently giving out on the smaller driver and curiosity got the best of me.... do NOT try unless you are a Necromancer!

    The black and aluminum pieces are separated, exposing the bass driver
    Removing bass driver to visualize the mid/hi driver
    I still think this is a very clever design for great sound, and great materials too.
    Can't see it here really, but the driver was crinkled and might have a perforation? I cant help but think a balanced armature would be sweet in this little chamber. Plus, I have always wondered how gunked up the screens get even though i cleaned them frequently... yikes!

    I will miss these dearly, and i am glad to see these getting some newfound attention. They have some design flaws, no doubt, but boy did i love their sound.

    R.I.P. Kef m200 :trumpet: (Taps playing)
  2. rebbi
    Interesting photos, thanks!
    How long did yours hold up? I just got mine and I love them so much that I've toyed with buying a second pair while there still available!
  3. bigfullz
    Got mine back in august 2013. they've held up quite well considering the hours of yardwork and gym time they have been exposed to.
  4. yangian
    Me too. Got a second pair. Really love it!
  5. rebbi

    Nice to hear. I find them to be exceptional and may do the same thing. :-D
  6. falex
    I used the comply tips included with the m200, but have switched to inairs air2 which work well for me. And they`re cheaper...:wink:
  7. pack21
    Im still in love with my KEF200 gems, even having a pair of IE800.
  8. yangian
    Me too! [​IMG]
  9. pfloyd
    They really are something special.
    yangian likes this.
  10. musiclvr
    I'm really enjoying my Kef M200 too! I own both the DITA Answer (Truth Edition) and the Campfire Audio Andromeda iems. I find that the M200s are just so smooth with the right amount of added bass in comparison for the times I want to take off my critical listening cap.
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  11. rebbi
    I love mine, as well. So musical and coherent. I can listen to them forever and not feel any fatigue. I don't think that they are rolled off in the highs – I think it's more that they don't have the high frequency spike that some earphones do that can make poorly recorded music unlistenable. Sometimes let masquerades as "detail" is, in fact, a tipped up high frequency range that can get obnoxious pretty quickly.
  12. yangian
    Exactly. M200 is not roll off of high as IE80 and also not as harsh as IE800. The bass is not as bassy as IE80/800 and watery as those multi BAs. Middle is not too forward, and not lay back either. Wonderful 3D and spacious soundstage. Every facet is almost perferct!
  13. rebbi
    One question:
    It often seems to me that the channel balance on my M200's is skewed slightly off to the right. For example, voices that I know should be dead center seem to be closer to my right ear. I am wondering if this might be a fit issue, that is, that they're not sitting evenly in my ears. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  14. pfloyd
    Note that the m200 has 2 drivers with the smaller driver mounted at the very end of the sound tube, making it very vulnerable to ear wax contamination. I would suspect that first and be very careful in trying to clean it. I agree that fit could be an issue as well and that's why I did this:

  15. rebbi
    Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. I took a clean, unused toothbrush and gently brushed at the ends of the sound tubes, where the holes are. Lo and behold, proper balance seems to have been restored, at least in the brief bit of listening that I did. It's odd: there was no obvious dirt occluding any of the holes, but who knows?
    I also have to give a shout out to KEF customer service. My pair, which I bought from a third-party seller on Amazon, must have been older stock because it only came with silicone ear tips. I asked them in an email where I could get Comply tips, and they offered to ship me a set for free! :)
    Right now, I don't feel the need to chop off the ear hooks! But I have to say that was pretty brave of you.
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