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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. pfloyd
    With ear hooks all I'd have to do is smile and I would break seal, no more seal breaking even when chewing without ear hooks.:blush:
  2. rebbi
    Two things I wanted to mention here:
    First, KEF direct (on the United States section of the website) is currently having a holiday sale on M 200's for $69 a pair, which is an incredible value! I just put in an order for a backup pair in case my current pair gets lost or damaged.
    Second, a question for you guys: have any of you found a protective carrying case for the M 200's that is more pocket friendly than the one that comes with them?
  3. yangian

    It's $199 now!​
  4. chawya22

    KEF M200 Dec 13th thru Dec 31st $69.99
  5. yangian
    Oh, thanks!
  6. rebbi
    Bingo... my jaw dropped when I saw that sale price!
  7. nealh

    How did you that mod?
  8. waynes world
    It's called the "hacksaw" mod
  9. nealh

    Lol. Got it
  10. pfloyd
    Still waiting for pictures of your attempt WW:nerd:
  11. Tommy C
    Late to the party... I have picked up the M200 last week. Seems to be discontinued though. I have no problem with the fit, I can put them in once and be set for the next 8 hours. I recommend doing so according to KEF’s instructions.  Not big on the Comply tips as they seem to muffle the sound. First impression is very good and after almost a week I really enjoy their sound. Nothing harsh or boomy , bass is just right and not too bassy I. I come from Denon earphones and the sound of these is better. Not by much, but no doubt better. Treble is more polite, and bass is more punchy and precise. Only thing is that they are a bit harder to drive out of a iPhone 6s, again, nothing terrible. With my Denon volume was around 65% and these require 70%-75% and they are more sensitive to bad recording. Great buy if any of you is considering.
  12. rebbi
    Better late than never!  [​IMG]
    I am such a big fan of these. 
    I agree with you about the Comply tips; they give a snug, secure fit but the sound also strikes me as too muffled.
    And yes, they are noticeably less efficient than other IEM's I've owned, but it's not a problem.
    Tommy C likes this.
  13. yangian
    Me too. On sound signature, I like it better than all headphones I ever had, including HD600, 650, 598, and IE800, 80, Philips X2, 9500 and Havi B3P.
    Tommy C likes this.
  14. Tommy C
    Exactly what l have experienced. Great fit with the Comply tips but sound is not great. Thanks for sharing your experience. [​IMG]   
  15. rebbi
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