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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. waynes world
    You should ship them over to me for verification!

    Yup, I'm interested as well.
  2. gugman
    20180123_161220.jpg 20180123_161134.jpg

    Every kind of fitting issue has been solved !
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  3. Roderick
    New m500 owner here. As background to my impressions I must mention that I have owned about 150-200 different headphones. Most affordable ones of course.

    Anyway...I'm impressed with m500. My momentum over ear 1.0 went on sale immediately. In past weeks I have become bit of a b&w P7 fan but now I'm not certain which to keep.

    M500 has incredible imaging qualities and kef's are More sleek than b&w. At first I thought m500's lack subbass but these are very position sensitive. These also have s quality I've never heard on a headphone. Frame actually vibrates slightly with heavy bass notes.

    I't is not a design fault but More of a feeling that makes sound More immersive. I've had many headphones that do that. Normally it is of note reverbs that completely ruin the sound.

    Anyway...what a bargain. If I end up keeping P7 and sell m500 I'm Happy I had a change to listen to these. M500's really push The boundries of what is possible with on ear design.
  4. mgunin
    Nice to know that! How do you find the isolation in comparison with P7?
  5. yangian
    I'm really really wondering, anticipating that KEF release a over-ear cans.
  6. Tommy C
    Anyone here has the m400 or the Space One?
  7. Roderick
    I think p7's isolate about 20-30% More. Sound leakage is a big thing for me. So in The end this might be a deal breaker. shame, i really love the sound. Reminds me of grado rs2e I sold while ago. Kef's got great prat!
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  8. BrotherKathos
    I just picked up the Kef m500s. Newegg is running a email promo for the white ones, so they were $80. I couldn't pass the deal up and have been very happy with them so far. They are very smooth sounding headphones. Very neutral with great detail and clarity for voices. No big boomy bass or crazy shrill treble on these cans. I'm actually able to understand what these people are saying now. They don't have the detail or bass response of my hifiman he-400i, but they blow my Sennheiser momentum 1.0 out of the water. Just the comfort level alone makes them a better set of headphones than the Sennhesiers. My ears start to ache after just 30 mins or so with the momentums and the Kefs are good to go even after a couple of hours. I honestly never even listen to the momentums anymore solely based on the poor comfort they offer. The portability of these Kefs are nice as well, but the only thing that they lack is a hands free mic for my phone. These are going to be great for those long flights.
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  9. jant71
    Newegg has the white M500 open box for $49.99. Good deal there. Also selling the M100 in blue for $29.99.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
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  10. BrotherKathos
    That's a steal.
  11. waynes world
    Fixed that for you.

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  12. trellus
    I also picked up the KEF M500 when they had them for $79.99 (and incidentally, also the M100 in blue when they were actually $27.99 before the went up $2 to $29.99). I have only briefly listened to them and thought they sounded pretty damn good, but it was about 15 minutes of listening at most, sadly ... also, I was not as much of a fan of the comfort, though; I found that after that 15 minutes of listening, my ears begin to hurt some from the pressure. They are not as bad as some on-ears I've put on my ears (I'm looking at you, JBL Everest Elite 300), but I tend to not like on-ears generally for comfort reasons.

    Definitely don't regret picking them up for $80, though, that's a super price. The build and style are top notch -- just gorgeous (I have the white) cans.
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  13. BrotherKathos
    You can turn the phones around where the left pad is on right ear and so on and it takes the clamping pressure off you ear. I can listen to them that way and they are very comfortable. Its honestly a shame that were not designed that way in the first place. Now if i could only find a small adapter that switches the left and right channels to bring it back to normal it would be perfect. Give it a shot I guarantee you'll find them more comfortable that way. It puts the clamping force on your jawbone and not your ear while still being able to cover your ears with the pads.
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  14. trellus
    I'll try that, thanks!
  15. trellus
    So... I did try that (I have them on right now) but unfortunately that hurt about the same... I think it's just that I have big, Dumbo ears on a relatively small head. :sweat_smile: I know the M500 seems to have a reputation for being quite comfortable for on-ears, including from some of my fellow Head-Fi'ers whom I trust implicitly, so I am convinced it's just a mismatch on comfort for my ears. However, they really do sound good, and I might just get used to them. The on-ear Grado's used to hurt me more at first and now they don't so much, although in that case it probably has to do with the scratchiness of the foam softening over time....
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