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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. fnkcow
    Even more preferred over ER-4S?
  2. Lorspeaker

    Superlux 681 Evo.....:D
  3. denis

    ER-4S are the basis for me. But they are a balanced in the mid/mid highs and slightly lacking bass (I've been listening with them for 6-7 years without cheating on them with others...).
    M200s are more neutrally balanced with bass to die for, mid you don't notice as they are natural and silky highs. Not to mention the soundstage which gives you a more global view of things. You are not among the music (like with Etys, DBA02 mmkIIs or R50s) but kind of sitting at an excellent seat in the audience, enjoying a show.
    For me, it is similar to a loudspeaker experience with a distance between the music and you. So, don't expect the M200s to be better than the ER-4S. They are different as their driver technology is.
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  4. ericp10
    Well all those earphones you listed and "deep insert" earphones. The M200 is not designed to be a deep insert earphone. Deep insert earphones will always give you better isolation, but that doesn't mean the M200 won't give you isolation.
  5. blueangel2323
    Those headphones aren't even remotely in the same class/price range! Get the best that fits your budget. If you can afford an M500 or even an Alpha Dog then why bother with the lowly Superlux? Just because a headphone is good for the money doesn't mean you have to have it :wink:
  6. denis

    I know and agree. The M200 isolates, but not as well as deep insert IEMs can achieve. I accept this fact and just won't take them on the go.
  7. fnkcow
    Does it feel heavy though when worn? The ear hooks will surely help but do you feel them like they are just inches from dropping out?
  8. fnkcow
    DSNuts on the discovery thread has stated this sound like a more technical CKS1000. Is that true, seeing how denis described that it is similar to a loudspeaker experience with a distance between the music and you, which sounds to me coincides with a description of CKS1000
    Almost like a direct upgrade over CKS1000 maybe?
  9. denis

    Not feeling they are heavy in my experience.
  10. Deviltooth
    Does anyone with smaller ears and ear canals have experience with the M200?  I usually take the smallest tip with an IEM so I'm curious if the size of the housing and tips makes for a difficult/impossible seal.
  11. ericp10
    The sound is far more refined than the CKS1000, and I love that AT earphone. Refined, richer, and notes that are somewhat thicker. A nice wide soundstage too. Actually, the M200 reminds of the Sony EX1000 in some ways, except the KEF has way more bass than the EX1000, and doesn't have those harsh terrible piercing highs. It's one of the most refined universals I've heard, and up there technically with the ASG-2 (although the two sound nothing alike). There have been a few $200 earphones that have come out lately that don't sound like $200 earphones. They shoot way beyond the MSRP. The M200 could easily be a $400 earphone and be worth it. It shames the W4 (and I mean it). 
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  12. dweaver
    OK received my M200 today and will address the tip thing first. These definitely have an unusual tip and it's tapered cone shape will be problematic for some users. Fortunately the large is working for me. This design will also throw anyone used to a deep insertion or a plugged feeling for a loop because it's simply not designed that way. The design has a soft middle part that you want to settle right at the opening of your concha right after you get the stiffer initial part of the tip past the opening. This then creates a comfortable seal. Also anyone using the really small Sony tips will need to look elsewhere.

    Now on to the good part, the SOUND!!! Sonically these are right between the Ex1000 and the MDR7550 with no where near the wind issues (the size and design does have some wind issues though) and slightly better isolation. The bass is deep and controlled with more bass than the M500, slightly warmer mids, and a bit gentler treble. They are in the same family sonically but the M500 is brighter and more analytical while the M200 is warmer and a bit more forgiving.

    The M200 is not as device finicky working well on my Nokia 920 from a sonic perspective as well as my iPad mini (the mic does not work though just like the M500 iPhone cable).

    My UE900 sounds slightly better technically to my ears from a detail retrieval perspective but I have a feeling the fuller sound of the M200 may make it a more enjoyable listen for me and a lot of listeners. I will wait for a couple of days to see if I start to have anything I am unhappy about but right now these are the best dynamic IEM I have heard. They really have been exquisitely tuned.

    One last thing, I find myself turning these up to a higher volume level. I think this is a combination of being a bit harder to drive and my being used to more detail or brighter sound so I end up listening at a louder level. But if this the case I also have to say I am not getting any fatigue doing it so it may just be the tuning of the IEM. I wonder if any of this has to do with their ear protection technology? Something I can't find much information about.
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  13. ericp10
    Nice first impressions, although I think it's on par with the EX1000 technically and sound quality-wise (actually I think it;s better than all the Sony's top tiers). And the UE900 doesn't come close to my ears (severely lacking bass). But we agree that this earphone has a great sound!
  14. Lorspeaker
    sobsob, i succumbed to my curiosity, bot the superlux and its a KILLER...it will take the vacant AKG place in my armory. [​IMG]
  15. dweaver
    The Ue900 is more intimate and detailed but not by a lot and agreed it has no where near the same amount of bass. Been wearing these for over an hour and completely forget they are there with no need to touch them at all. My appreciation of these is growing steadily.
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