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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. DannyBai
    Awesome dweaver.  Thanks for those impressions.  I am still in new toy heaven with these and I don't think that will ever settle with this sound.
  2. Lorspeaker
    would appreciate your take on the m200 vs the W4, dweaver ... i need to get a road warrior pretty soon. [​IMG]
  3. nick n
    Could you clarify that description a bit more please ( if you want to ) I assume that this is due to a bit more tactile force or "slam", for lack of a better word, and possibly their slightly lower reaching range?
    hahah don't worry Wayne :)
  4. denis

    The nozzles diameter is about 6mm large, which is quite consequent.
  5. denis


    Same for me about the incredible sound quality/price ratio of the M200s. And a low price which offers an original and efficient coaxial dual driver technology.
    Shame on W4 but SE535s also to name the biggest names...
  6. Lorspeaker
    Shame on w4??? Wow I must find a pair n test it out........shame on w4.......yaikkkkkkkks:D
  7. dweaver
    I have not heard the W4 so can't help, sorry.
  8. evolutionx
    I am so focus on getting the M500 that I totally miss out on trying the M200 at the local KEF store. Sound like Sony EX1000? I must try them as EX1000 was one of the best dynamic iem I used to enjoy. If it sound like a more full bodied Flat4 Sui, I will be thrilled. I am totally enjoying M500 even though it is not technically the most competent or detailed, but the sound stage is just so well tuned to my ears.
  9. denis

    Yes, they are hard to drive. I must set the high gain on my DX100 and push up the volume to about 180-200 (depending of the song) for a maximum of 255 if I remember well.

    Being able to listen louder without any fatigue can means also there is not enough distorsion to cause fatigue, which could be a consequence of the quality of the sound. It goes the same with good loudspeakers.
    soundstige likes this.
  10. ericp10
    The M200 is 12 ohms. 
  11. dweaver
    I am noticing cable rub noise against my shirt today so they do suffer from that type of microphonics issue but not as bad as cloth covered cables. Footfall microphonics also exist but are very low.
  12. mymymyopie
    I tried these out looking for a new IEM. I found that the Monster MD Trumpet tips work perfectly, giving a much wider option in terms of comfort. The original tips really hurt my ears, I was thinking I would have to send them back. Great sound, too much pain though. Just felt nasty (all three sizes). Pulled out the Trumpet box and tried a smallish pair of tapered single flange silicone gray tips, immediate relief, sound still fantastic. All there. The Trumpet are large microdrivers, so they have a very large sound tube, and it is large enough to cover the massive KEF tube but not enough to slip off and remain in your ear. Excellent phones, though.
    As for isolation, with the Monster tips they isolate as well as any other in-ears I have owned, which is limited. But no noise issues and with these tips they feel like a deep insertion headphone. Not so with the OEM tips.
  13. fnkcow
    I've read that M200 is more tilted towards mid-bass than sub-bass. Do you guys find the mid/upper bass more than sub-bass? And does the mid-bass affect the mids like the ASG-2?
  14. ericp10
    That is not accurate.
  15. fnkcow
    lol that is what I've read, maybe wrong interpretation?
    But does the M200 have more mid/upper bass than the sub-bass?
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