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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. Lorspeaker
    seize the first opportunity to give away my GoldenCrystal, now i MUST find another iem... [​IMG]
    ok great, m200 still in the game. 
  2. MLee
    Got my pair of M200s today and first impresisons are excellent. After I figured out that I do not have to insert them as far into my ear as my Etys and switched to the larger tips the sound is pretty close to my M500s. Hard to do any A/B comparisons at work so hopefully the wife will be busy and I can do some extended comparisons with the three of them tonight. I can already tell the bass is more to my liking than the Etys on live music and albums like SMV Thunder. Comfort is good, no no microphonics from the cable. I think Kef managed to pull off not one but two winners with their first entries into the headphone world.
  3. fnkcow
    Would definitely be interested to see your comparisons between the M200 and PFE 232 
  4. Amitl
    i don't see any mention from anyone about microphonics in the M200.
    the cable isn't looping around the ear and theres kind of big potential for
    some cable noise.
    so is it there?
  5. dweaver
    Fnkcow mentioned no cable noise in their brief initial impressions.
  6. Amitl
    oh yes i missed that!...thank you dweaver :)
    if the M200 really has low cable noise....these look good @__________@
  7. MLee
    Replies to questions: M200 vs PFE232 - Going from memory here as I sold the 232 a while back. Both are very nice IEMs. Comfort goes to the 232. They are light and disappear in your ear. The cable goes over the ear and has no memory so if you use it without the guides it won't retain any shape. The 200 goes down. Sound wise the 232 is smooth and a bit warm, but not too much. 200 is a little more neutral and gets the nod on clarity. Bass punch goes to the 200 as well as lower bass. Less quality recordings may sound better on the 232. If you're looking for more edge/transparency/clarity go with the M200. If you like smooth, easy going the 232 would be more to your liking. In my opinion only, I don't consider my ears golden! Microphonics - I've had no issue with microphonics with the M200. The iphone control catches on the collar of my polo shirt at times when I move my head around. I prefer no control but not that big of a deal. I didn't have much time last night to compare the M200 to the M500 but I do think they are very similar. More experienced ears would probably detect some differences but if you ask me choose the type you want and don't worry about which sounds better. Postion in the ear is key to the 200 for it to have equal sound and bass to the 500. Less than ideal leaves it sounding a bit thin to the 500. I'm still getting used to the location and feel in my ear as I'm a long, long time user of Etys and am used to deep insertion. The 200 keeps feeling loose but in reality it sounds great. The 500 and 200 do not have the same loudness at the same volume so it's hard to do an A/B comparison as you have to adjust each switch of the phones and variation creeps in.
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  8. Lorspeaker
    m200 vs w4....anyone?
  9. fnkcow
    Awesome reply MLee thanks! [​IMG]
  10. MLee
    M200 vs W4 - Again from memory. I sold the 232 and got the W4. I liked the fit and sound of the W4 a little more than the 232. My point of reference is the Ety ER4P/S. I like a little more analytical, bright, transparent sound than smooth and laid back. With that being said the M200 is closer to the Ety sound than the W4. I'm having trouble describing what the difference is to me. Where I might sit and listen to the W4 as background music the M200 is for when I just want to listen to the music. Yesterday at work I found myself listening more to the headphones than paying attention to work so after a while I took them off. Part of it was because they are new, but I don't remember having that feeling with either the 232 or W4. I'm not sure what the right audiophile adjective is - clarity, edgy, punch, bright, etc that's what the M200 has compared to the smooth, pleasnt, soft nature of the W4 and 232. Again, all three are excellent at what they do, I could be happy listening to any of them, but I lean towards the Ety/M200 sound, and then the M200 over the Ety for sub bass and punch. The difference is more apparent with live recordings. The live recording of Holy Mother by Eric Clapton is a good example. Anything off Jeff Beck's Performing This week Live at Ronnie Scott's is another good example The M200 gives you a more realistic rendition of a live performance than the W4 or 232. The same analysis applies to why I like the M500 versus the Momentum, and why the AKG 702 anniversary and Beyer T1 appeal to me. Hope that helps.
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  11. blueangel2323
    Funny you should mention that. My high quality rig is mostly for work, and yet the better the music sounds, the less I can concentrate on work... kinda defeats the purpose lol
  12. Lorspeaker
    LEE, i think i caught what u are trying to say, i remembered W4 has a clear sound that is wide and spacious, 
    first time i heard it, i tot the sound starts from behind my left ear going around to behind my right ear...( panning to the front of cos [​IMG])
    and i was sitting in a garden, so thats v pleasant.
  13. DannyBai
    I am a hype guy when it comes to hearing something new that I like but the M200's need to be heard by all on head-fi.  KEF has entered into the headphone/earphone world with a knockout with the first blow.  This is how dual dynamics should sound.  
  14. Lorspeaker
    Actually I am surprised that so few hi fi manufactures got it "right"...
    and we head fiers seem to be the ones dissecting the sound, modding , EQing...
    KEF has better ears or better control at the final production model?

    I mean, I tot the cowells, dre, mikes, etc should have nailed a few strikes...or just one...zzz
  15. AnakChan Moderator
    Decided to see what the fuss is all about. Although I gave it a listen a few weeks back, thought I'd give it a better chance in more controlled environment.

    [OT]P.S. Aalawi is an awesome Jamaican restaurant.[/OT]

    Edit: Adding a better picture
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