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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. Lorspeaker
    i jus need to know, would the m200 kill the W4/R? [​IMG]
    i watched the KEF promo video, sleek looking...dual dynamic drivers.. this should be my end-all iem??
  2. Lorspeaker
    i had a w4 b4, spatial, clear...sold it a year ago.
    afew iems later, i tot of snaging a w4 to end it all...for iems.
    now this m200 looks like a thorn [​IMG]
  3. snapple10
    W4 user here . Had the m200 for 2 days , just sold it. The design is not for me , I did not listen enough to form an opinion but sounded good out of the box
  4. M-13
  5. dweaver
    I have the M500 and the apple cable allows me to use the Middle button to change songs but the MIC did not work so I imagine the M200 will be the same. The thing is this may not be the same with other phones due to a lack of standards around the jack.

    I am using a Nokia 920 phone btw.
  6. denis
    And what can be said about isolation?
  7. LFC_SL
    As an iem owner I do not regard this category as suitable for public transport commute.

    For a stroll in the park or going to local mini supermarket the M500 does well. You cannot hear slow moving cars pulling in and out of driveways for example and it muffles supermarket tannoy announcements sufficiently but not completely.

    Be mindful clamp factor is not high (in terms of stayability) so if that matters then look elsewhere
  8. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Excellent. Looks like my M500s arrive late next week.
  9. navii
    Yup, I said that in the other thread, I love these out of my Fostex HPA8c. I try not to use anything else except that.
  10. kyuuketsuki
    I'm keeping an eye on this thread for the M500 impressions. Unless someone can seriously sway me on the M200s of course, I'm set with in ears for the time being. But I need a complimentary headphone for my M-100s.
  11. denis
    OK thanks all for your comments about isolation. I am not very far from join the club and ordering...
  12. imackler
    Only negative I had with them...besides not loving the looks...is that these things are warm, more so than other on-ears, which have a little room for air. I described on the other thread: These are like placing pancakes on your ears. Sure, they are super soft. But, at least for me, they heated up instantly! Not like other on-ears that give you a little time before needing a break. 
  13. DS21
    The M200's isolate very well. Better than most single-flange rubber eartips, IMO.
    Am I the only one who thinks the M200 are entirely too weighted to the upper bass, though? I've compared them not just to my other IEMs (ADDIEM, Vi-Sang R-02, Ety ER-4), but also my full-sized cans (Mad Dog 3.0, Denon D2000, Senn 580), my nearfield system (Soundfield Audio Monitor 1's), and my reference system (Pioneer EX - basically, TAD-lite - front three, KEF R-series surround, KEF Q-series rear, multisubs, Anthem Room Correction). There's just too much tilt in the FR. 
  14. Lorspeaker
    upperbass....no subbbass? where is the 20hertz?  haizz, tot its a 10mm whammer..?
    by the way, wat is your player/source that u paired with?
  15. DS21
    I think you misunderstood my comment. Though I'm not sure, as your response isn't terribly comprehensible.
    What I wrote was that the FR is tilted too much in favor of the upper bass, i.e. downwards-sloping, for my taste. I made no comment on the subbass.
    A song that shows off the issue well is "How to Disappear Completely" off of Radiohead's Kid A album.
    And actually I bet the output capability at 20Hz is quite high, due to pressure vessel gain. (Imagine a room that's a little longer than it is wide, with a woofer as the whole front wall.) But it's also irrelevant because frequencies that low are perceived by the bones of the and chest, not the receptors inside the ear. Those of us with home systems capable of playing such frequencies at high SPL with low distortion understand that.
    And the source is entirely irrelevant to my comments. Suffice it to say that I've tried them with several, including dedicated high-fidelity headphone amps with known flat FR and low source impedance. And without equalization.
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