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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. gelocks
    Nice pics!
    Can't wait to read your second take on them! :wink:
  2. MLee
    A few more observations - I've had the M200 since Monday and have gone back and forth quite a bit between it and the M500. I am more of an IEM than an on ear person, but I am having trouble with one ear achieving a good, consistent seal. The other is fine. I've tried all three tips but no luck. It will work for a while but then it pops loose. The other observation is the M500 definitely scales up with an amp. Both sound pretty good straight from a portable device but an amp takes the M500 to the next level. Not so much with the M200. I bought the M500 first based on another review but then got curious about the M200. I thought I would gravitate towards the IEM but if I had to make a choice right now it would be the M500.
  3. denis

    Got my m200s yesterday. Like everybody, I am surprised with the quality of the sound I am listening to. I thought this was possible only with cans or loudspeakers...
    I think I will live a lot of time with these M200s. I also had seal issues.
    I found something with Meelec bi and tri-flange tips. See that 2 links:


  4. evolutionx
    Just got the M500.  Cant stop listening and so comfortable.    It has everything i was looking for in a portable headphone.    Size, comfort, great pairing with almost all my gears and decent isolation.    Only gripe is the fit which is kind of loose and probably not great for moving around outdoors.    Got to burn them in and see how it goes,  
  5. denis
    It appears that these M200s have a never heard IEM kind of sound signature with poor seal and isolation... I would call them excellent " open " IEMs.
  6. denis
    I have them since the beginning of the week. I love the sound but not the seal and the isolation, compared to Etys or DBA02 mkIIs. But I don't care. I listen to them at home.
  7. MLee
    Looks like a local Best Buy electronics store has the JVC you are talking about in stock, so maybe I'll go by a get a pair to try the tips.  Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Lorspeaker
    both KEFs seem to have some form of FIT issues...
    i need to try them out personally b4 i hit the BUY button.
  9. dweaver
    It looks like my M200 should be in tomorrow so I will know soon enough about their fit as well as sound.
  10. ericp10
    Not true, if you can get a good fit (like I can). It isolates well. I don't think I have 20 hours burn-in on them yet, and I will say the M200 is in my top 5 already as one of the best earphones I've ever heard (universal that is). And pushing quickly into my top 3. But I do believe the fit issue will be real for some. I got lucky and figured out how they need to be worn, and the large stock tip fits me like a glove. 
  11. ericp10
    The M500 is incredible sounding too, but my favorite is the M200.
  12. DannyBai
    I've actually worn the M200's out walking around downtown and it isolates quite well from the outside noise.  I usually use medium tips on majority of my iem's and had to use the large on the M200's.  With proper fit, the sound is to die for.  Bass is amazing.  I agree with eric that the M500's are incredible also.  
  13. Lorspeaker
    i am seeing too many INCREDIBLES lately....these kefs...alphadogs... n the 50bucks EVO wonder;
    my leftbrain is battling my right, $$something is gonna giv.
  14. nihontoman
    what evo wonder are you talking about?
  15. denis

    I do agree about the quality of the sound. But for me, seal and isolation are not (and alas will never be) on par with what can be obtained with Etys, DBA02 mkIIs or R50s with triflange tips..
    Anyway, these M200s are also one of the best IEMs ever heard in my earphone experience.
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