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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. goodvibes
    LOL, Aint it the truth. It was like JHA and AK had targets on their backs for while. A company can do a half dozen great things but we then mostly hear about one slip up...over and over and over again and the bias taints all they do.
    I remember a Scottish CIEM that was the rage with folks falling over themselves to get in line for the wait. A year later we find out it was a rebadged Heir 4 at twice the price. Love Headfi but it sometimes exists in an altered reality. The need of discovery and product of the moment is strong here.
  2. Malevolent
    Yeah. I guess once the Roxanne lost its charm, its stock and reputation pretty much fell down the drain. It's still an excellent IEM for what its worth; its sound signature is not everybody's cup of tea, but the Roxanne excels at its stated strengths.
    Us Roxanne owners should stick together. The Roxanne Rebel club.
  3. shotgunshane Contributor

    What a great and apropos line!
  4. designmaniac
    No advertising commercial mate! Just an attempt to give an honest appraisal of what I heard, in the hope that it was helpful to someone else! The smart arse, conspiratorial, and too smart/cool for school attitude of this place sometimes is enough to make you not want to contribute anymore. Take what you want from my comments my friend but that was my experience. Listen when you get a chance and decide for yourself! 
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  5. designmaniac
    Mimouille, I had the same experience, so I emailed Andy who owns the company, and he said that they aren't up on the site yet. They only officially went on sale today apparently, and will be on the site shortly. I hope you will appreciate the value and honesty of my opinion - with the level of input and interest in gear you have on here. They really were amazing and easily equalled my FitEar experiences! :wink:
  6. PhilW
    http://acscustom.com/uk/product/acs-encore-studio-custom/ perfect sound per pound. I'm waiting to hear them with my Hugo.


  7. Mimouille
    I never questioned your input, and will wait for impressions on these.
  8. Kunlun
    Actually, could you "drone on"? I would like to hear more of your experience since it's a nice balance to the more excited impressions.
  9. Krisman
    Hehe ok. Well I do not want to come across as a 'hater' as I am not. I love Jerry Harvey products mostly but I just felt really let down by the Laylas. As others have pointed out the size and fit on them is horrendous for anyone who has medium/small ear canals. I had to put small tips on and on one ear I had to gold it in place to ensure the seal stayed. When I did get them in and started listening I was struck with how average they sounded. There were not massively detailed nor did they have the great soundstage of something like a high end Dunu. The highs were a tad bright and occasionally I got the sense the highs were a bit too immediate and overly sharp. I listened to them through an AK120 Mk2 and my Sony ZX1 and got the same characteristics on each player. I had no idea how much they cost until I got home from the show and was absolutely horrified when I found out. These have been struck off my list of earphones to buy so I am glad for the chance to listen to them at the show :) The one thing I would say is the build quality was amazing, they really do look/feel like an ultra high end product and if the sound is to your liking then these could be an end game type earphone (until the next hugely expensive ear phone comes out :)
  10. acain

    How do you like the ZX1 compared to the AK120
  11. goodvibes
    Sounds like you may have never gotten that seal. Not saying that's the case as we don't all like the same things but I thought the Layla more on the lush side like a K10. With things like the K10, Encore and the new JHAs, there's plenty to go around.[​IMG] Key is to listen for oneself and decide. I really liked the Angie. I think the new JHs may not impress on 1st listen as they're less 'peaky' sounding than other I've heard. I partially preferred the Angie because it was leaner and made it 'sound' less filled in but I couldn't be certain that take is the right one on such a short listen. Expectations and familiarities bias us. Until we get some extended listening reviews from true reviewers or those that own others, it's difficult to fully quantify. I never liked the jh16 and wasn't knocked out by the Roxanne but I really liked these on my listen. Viva la difference.[​IMG]
  12. Krisman

    I really like the AK120 mk2. Lovely well made and aesthetically pleasing piece of hardware. Sound wise I would say it is pretty organic and lush sounding with oodles of detail. I haven't spent much time with it so these are just my initial impressions. The ZX1 is a bit picky with earphones and I would say with a well matched pair it gives a lovely airy soundstage and great instrument separation. Can get a little edgy with the highs but overall I really like it too. I picked one up for around £300/$500 and I cannot see how spending much more can realistically improve things that much.
    Goodvibes - Viva la difference indeed! :) I would hate to be an earphone designer!!!! So many variables and differences in peoples auditory systems etc!
  13. acain
    So do you think the price difference between the zx1 and ak are justified.
  14. Krisman

    I cannot answer that. I gave up trying to justify my expenditure on HiFi a long time ago :) I am an addict and that is that. The Sony looks/feels like a high end product, the AK feels pure luxury......think BMW vs. Ferrari.........in the short time I had with the AK I cannot say I felt it was £1000 better but I still want one!
  15. DrSheep
    Just wait a little, as I bet there will be a lot of AK240 dumping when the new AK240SS comes out.
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