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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. Malevolent
    I'm not doubting your conclusions, but I've always had the impression that the Layla was mostly about top notch clarity that is readily apparent, even across a group of different people with varying preferences in sound. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts on the Layla.
  2. gmatthews7919
    They look amazing for a universal so top marks to JHA for design. Quite different to the Roxannes.
  3. acain
    I was looking at a picture of the Laylas in someones ear they are big, but intended fro engineers it doesn't matter since there not made really for portable audio.  I think the custom version is going to stick out far also, I don't see them shrinking them down much the body will have to be long since there is 12 drivers per side and them using a 4th order crossover that is going to take up a lot of room there is a lot of components in a 4th order crossover. I could be wrong but I think these will be the biggest customs ever made.
  4. Jon1323

    Pretty sure they are the exact same size as the Roxanne which in custom form don't stick out any further than other CIEMs. 
  5. Mimouille
    They stick out more than all my other CIEMs.
  6. acain
    Wait until they come out with 20 drivers per side and make a behind the ear like some hearing aids with just the tube going into your ear.
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  7. Malevolent
    Pretty soon, CIEMs will be so big with a gazillion drivers that they'll come attached to headbands to keep them from falling off. They'll be like custom headphones. [​IMG]
  8. acain
    It will only be a matter of time until someone comes up with a crazy new idea.
  9. ubs28

    A large number of drivers is only a tuning matter to make it more neutral for example? 3 Balanced armature drivers can cover the entire frequency spectrum. 
  10. acain
    My brother is a videographer for HBO and works with sound engineers, we were talking about customs and he said most of them use nearfield monitors but some of them have customs and they only use ones with 2 or 3 armatures but they never use them.
  11. audionewbi

    Have you seen ranko audio RIE-2020? It is only 8000 USD...
  12. acain
    There is only a hand full made of them and all the drivers are built by hand thats alot of money for them. But they look amazing.
  13. DrSheep
    Based on their 2+1 design, I highly doubt that it will sound any better than the Layla or the K10.
  14. audionewbi

    Any one who would even consider an iem for 8K must be nuts, it cost more than a stax setup including an after market amp.

    The cable is RHA-6000 which is 11900 RMB.
  15. acain
    Its one of those things look what i have its like a status symbol.
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