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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. goodvibes
    That wouldn't be carrying around a brick. More like a cinder block.[​IMG]
  2. Mimouille
    I would not bet on that. The Ref1 sounds better than 90% of multi BA designs I have owned. Easily.
  3. DrSheep
    Maybe, too bad it's next to impossible to do a review on this.
  4. acain

    You have the RIE1020? It seems to me everyone has the idea the more BA'S the better it is.
  5. jelt2359 Contributor

    This started with JHA. At the time, the JH13 was hailed as the latest and greatest partly because of the number of drivers it had. Then they had Roxanne going down the same path, Angie vs Layla, etc.
    Other manufacturers don't all seem to have been going down that same road though. The new ACS Encore has less drivers than the JH13 from yesteryear; Lear's flagship has only 4 BA's (and 2 Dynamics). AAW's flagship: 5 drivers. EarWerkz: 8. Hidition: 6. Spiral Ears: 5. And the list goes on...
    I truly think we've gone past the driver arms race at this point.
  6. Mimouille
    No I have nothing from Ranko, but they are partners of Tralucent, so I would imagine some of their designs are similar.
  7. audionewbi
    it is hard to imagine an iem costing 8k is truly cost them 8k.
  8. audionewbi
    I am hoping to get my hands on RIE-800.
  9. acain
    JH, 1964 Ears and others are all coming out with new products. When is UE going to do an update.
  10. acain
    Didn't JH have there own portable amp at one time that they were selling.
  11. audionewbi
    new products are exciting but as the saying goes if ain't broke why fix it?

    What they are doing is instead focus on getting the built right, turn around shortened so less headache for consumers.

    As far as I know they are the only internationally know iem maker who can costume tune ciem, that is impressive on its own.
  12. acain

    And there most popular on UERM only has 3 armatures.
  13. Ivabign

    Looks like a Ref.1 - I guess balanced armatures are now called "moving iron drivers" and dynamic drivers are called "moving coil drivers" - I call them dual dynamics and a "cough... cough" custom tuned TWFK - lol.
    Yup - Ref.1
  14. acain
     Knowles TWFK are soooo small and even harder to solder. The first pair I ever soldered I ripped the solder pads right off. I give any tech that handles them all day using magnifying glasses a lot of credit. WIth the Layla having 12 really must have been a challenge to tune, I cant imagine doing a custom for someone with small ears.
  15. Ivabign

    Correct me if I am wrong - but the Layla is still a three way headphone - so the tuning is a bit easier than tuning 12 individual drivers - those headphone would be MASSIVE - they would have to have a flesh colored portion so they could look like they were part of your ear from a distance....
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