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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. goodvibes
    Jerry agrees, LOL.[​IMG]
    I'm on your system but I also have a pair of Stax around...that I rarely use. Custom, universal that doesn't isolate as much and headphones. I've also got an old pair old Brainwavz M1s that I vented and use at my PC sometimes and a couple other cheapies in a drawer somewhere for my daughter and backup but it's basically 3 phones and I use the custom lots more than anything else. I'd use the full size headphones more if I actually listened to music that way at home but I prefer speakers.
  2. goodvibes
    Funny because I haven't had much luck with 8 conductor or high strand count litz cables. Viva la difference!
  3. Jwm48324
    AKG 3003 better than the Angie. Wow, the 3003 were one of the brightest phones I've heard, to me no contest. I guess that is why so many phones are made, everyone hears so totally different.
  4. Malevolent

    Sorry, where did you get that? I can't find it anywhere (or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough). Forgive me, I just woke up from a looong nap.
    It's a good thing that I'm not a fan of a full CF shell then. [​IMG]
  5. Malevolent
    Hehe. It's okay, I think I'll remain a decidedly non-crazy audiophile then. [​IMG]
  6. designmaniac
    Just listened to these and I have to say they were amazing! Hung out to listen to the Roxannes originally and they were just waaay to overblown for me. No detail, no separation, no clarity, and really I just couldn't ultimately understand the hype. But these are a different beast… mistress… "Siren" all together! Clarity, detail, and soundstage in spades! Whether that commands the £2000+ price tag in the UK is another story! Compared to the ACS Encore Studio which easily matches it - if not betters it! - for £700!.. I know where I'd put my money! You slowly learn in this hobby that there is NO - and I mean NO! - substitute for listening to stuff! You shouldn't ever buy stuff merely as a consequence of reviews, hype, or opinion etc in places like this. Seek stuff out and listen to it if you can! Similarly eventually listened to the Ultrasone Ed5. Awful! :wink:
  7. Mimouille
    What is the ACS Encore Studio? I found it on a Norwegian page but not on the ACS home page... Apparently 5 driver silicone?
  8. jelt2359 Contributor

    Looks like it!
  9. PhilW
    Yup the Encore studio is a 5 driver CIEM. It is truly stunning and isn't as large as the layla. Personally I feel in love with both and both had their merits. If I had they money to spend it would be layla. Second best would be encore studio.
  10. zenpunk
    I also attended the show in London. I really enjoyed the clarity and spacious sound of the Layla but its size is just silly and the fit was horrible. I then tried ACS new CIEM and ordered one at the show. Very similar transparency, clarity and spacious sound as the Layla and that was only a demo unit so I have high expectation for the custom version.
    Krisman likes this.
  11. truckdriver

    I would have thought the trashing of the Roxanne would've prevented anyone from walking into that advertising commercial.
  12. goodvibes
    I've never had a silicone custom. I suspect fit is a bit less critical (good) but durability and ear warmth worse. I don't know how big an issue it is but I have never used my included case. I carried this concealed in my back jeans pocket around CES. Sat on them a bit etc.
  13. Mimouille
    It's such a national sport on headfi I don't even notice.
  14. Malevolent
    LOL. Ain't that the truth? [​IMG]
  15. Mimouille
    That is how it is... Some IEMs it is cool to like, others it is cool to dislike. Same with DAPs... Once they have the scarlet letter (C for Colored or trebble Cut off) even people who have never been within a 10 mile radius of the aforementioned product will say they suck.

    First time I hear the Roxanne, I was like : what is that unpenetrable darkness people are talking about. I feel with the Layla I might be surprised but the other way. Anyways would love to try them still.
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