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JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

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  1. Gilly87
    Patents are a messy situation. I'd say that if Jerry was really anticompetitive, he probably would have patented any number of his numerous innovations prior to FP.

    At the end of the day, he is innovating and pushing the industry forward, which ultimately benefits everyone, regardless of however JH benefits in the process.
  2. goodvibes

    I think K10/Roxanne/jh16 fans will prefer the Layla and UERM/JH13/Miracle fans may prefer the Angie. I also preferred the Angie at the show but not as significantly as you did. I suspect that you left the bass controls where they were as I did.
  3. germanturkey
    was the sound stage/imaging and all that jazz that people hyped about the layla the same (probably not) on the angie?
  4. Simon T
    Thanks a lot for the impressions LuisArmstrong on the Universal model, trying to find out as much as I can  on JH Audio Layla. They might become my first pair of CIEMs, depending on my "ears-on" experience when auditioning them, prices for the custom version + mark up from distributors/dealers outside the U.S., and how they fare against other wish list products coming out this year.
    Since 2015, is shaping out to be another good year for audio enthusiasts (not so great for the wallets though...); including announcements in CES for the Audeze EL-8 series and HiFiMan HE1000.
  5. Jwm48324

    Yes I left the bass control alone.
  6. goodvibes
    LOL I meant to say ' not as significantly' but I didn't spend that much time with the layla as it was a bit full sounding for my palette as set up in the AK240. I thought the AK240 and Angie combo was brilliant. I won't know how I really feel about them unless I get more time and am able to adjust the pots. 
  7. JarodL1
    Now that the pricing for the custom version ($2,595) has come out, I am having a hard time deciding whether I should upgrade to the Roxannes or Laylas from my JH13s.  It is almost a 60% premium and I am not sure the "flatter" sound signature is something I would be interested in.
  8. timmyzai
    Thank you for your review. May I ask are you located in Hong Kong as I see the "ECT" in the unboxing pictures. I'm really interested in the Layla as well but would like to audition them first since they are so expensive. If indeed you are in hk, mind to share which store? 
  9. germanturkey
    the custom is only $95 more than the universal?  it apparently offers (a lot) more than just a flatter presentation.  
  10. Ike1985
    The man himself may not be anticompetitive, but the state has created the conditions that result in an anticompetitive market that he must play in.  But he could chose to protect his inventions while at the same time not restricting the market if he so desired.
  11. altrunox
    without the carbon fiber...
  12. Mimouille
    What about SE5/Ref1/NT6/335/Roxanne/Miracle fans?
  13. ubs28

    In my opinion he should protect his inventions aggressively. Why should other companies make money of his hard work? I'd happily pay $5000 for a groundbreaking IEM as my respect for his hard work. 
    Patents trolls shouldn't exist though in my opinion. They just buy patents in bulk they never intend on using. And then one day they hope someone invents the same thing and starts lawsuits. 
  14. ejong7
    Disclaimer : I have fairly limited exposure to CIEMs, having no experience with the sounds of say a UM Mentor/Miracle, Noble K10's or the Legend R's. I do try to listen to as many universals as possible as theyre easy to get a hold of a demo set.
    Alright I calmed down. It just sound freaking awesome. Personally for me Im on the side of the 13's in the JH13 vs JH16 debate but I got the Roxannes as the soundstage on it is so expansive for an iem + just better details that I can pick up. I put the bass knob on the Roxannes to the lowest possible and it still sound a tad too much bass for me but it was the best universal I demo-ed and subsequently owned. Until I heard the Layla's.
    For comparison, Roxannes - 0 bass knob. Layla's - roughly 10/11 o clock on the bass knob. I dont tend to like the flat flat flat earphones but with the bass tuned slightly higher the Laylas worked for me. Better separation, clarity and gone was the (relatively) boomy bass of the Roxannes. To me, they really sound open, even to the extent of lesser open headphones. It was so easy to listen to, and compared to my Roxannes, there were no signs of fatigue to me. The mids sounds just right and it works well for both female/male voices. And its also less aggressive than my Roxannes, which I welcome more.
    I heard the Angies as well but hearing it before hearing the Layla I would honestly say I completely forgot everythng about the Angie cause the Layla blew me too far away from them. But as far as I could remember, they share similar signatures, but Angie is just slightly less resolving and sound probably as wide a soundstage as the Roxanne (which is huge for an iem to begin with).
    Are they worth their price? I would say if the increase in quality compared to the Roxannes might not warrant the price difference, but if money wasnt a worry i would choose the Laylas anyday of the week. But if you want me to give an honest opinion, I would say the money is better spent on getting a very good rig before you think about jumping straight to this. But if you have cash to spare why not right. As always, YMMV.
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  15. germanturkey
    well, that does absolutely nothing for sound.  its just fluff.
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