Is it worth it upgrading LCD2 to LCD3?
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I'll be having a listen to the Phonitor and LCD-2 rev2's later on this week, if someone doesn't post impressions first then
I'm more than happy to post up an opinion or two in this thread.

Great! thanks!
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No angled drivers, no light weight, same level of quality. This is clearly the logical thing to do, ride the hype and get the money.

And if it's really a noticeable improvement, and not a little bit of change in FR, it's up to you to decide if you drop 2000$.

My guess is they can sprinkle some gold inside and on the metal parts, change the wood and charge 3000$, and increase their reputation in sound quality at the same time. :)
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I don't believe that about the costs, it trips my bullcrop detector. My guess is Audeze is slowly? going towards a nice 5x cost retail price as the rest of the industry. :)

The LCD2 had the same great waterfall plot on the site:

But measurements of a sample headphone revealed a 1.5dB left/right imbalance (HUGE) and a looong ringing:
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I heard more detail on the LCD3s than I did on the LCD2s.
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Tyll himself said that, so its basically gospel.

I wouldn't say gospel,  
,  but that's what they told me in such a way that I believed it. 
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A good point!
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I don't think you can judge Jude's integrity based on his receiving money from sponsors.  I bet we could find some honest assessments by Jude that conflict with sponsors.
Pretty big leap to paint Jude with such a broad brush like that.

I personally take what someone who receives several hundred dollars per month in sponsorship from Audez'e with a few sacks of salt.

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I disagree and find it somewhat disparaging...  There have been hundreds of headphones and sponsors that Jude could have sold out to in the past.  What makes audeze so special that jude would risk his reputation over?  Surely, they aren't headfi's biggest sponsor and surely the lcd3 isn't an objectively poor headphone.
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I don't think Jude sells out to anyone, he likes what he likes and will endorse anything he feels to be special or what meshes to his ears. The only gripe I have is that for the most part only the super expensive gear is highlighted, mid fi and low fi ( entry level gear ) is absolutely disregarded.  Being an audiophile does not mean you are required to own the best gear imaginable, invest in amplifiers that are $3000+ and cables that are $300 and up from ALO.  Lately, emphasis has been put on the most elite gear you can get and not what is well suited to the majority, the well rounded gear, the cheaper best buys and all arounders. Somewhere along the line the idea behind what makes you an audiophile was skewed and warped beyond recognition, going from finding gear that meshes with your ears to help you enjoy the music, to the need to feed ones ego in super expensive purchases and brandishing only the expensive gear.   
Audeze is American made, that is the only reason I can think of that people will flock to them over something like Hifiman HE500 which is Chinese based.  The HE500 is 95% the LCD2 to my ears in every way but 1 upped the LCD2 in well rounded sound that performs well on most if not all genres, something the LCD2 couldn't do.  ( again, to my ears ).  
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I wouldn't say gospel,  
,  but that's what they told me in such a way that I believed it. 

Not that I purport to know the truth of the situation but what else would we expect?  They had to have given some sort of answer.
a) "We're charging $2000 because we feel that the improvements we made add that much value"
b) "Our manufacturing/transportation/labor costs doubled"
c) "Factor in our r&d and it's a bargain"
d) "We just need to make more money"
I'm guessing a-c were likely better answer choices than d :wink:
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Originally Posted by HarryPotter /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I personally take what someone who receives several hundred dollars per month in sponsorship from Audez'e with a few sacks of salt.

You should. Everyone should. Mine is just one man's opinion (mine), and I don't try to convince anyone it's worth any more than that.
Head-Fi is a niche, and given the number of sponsors here, many of the products we discuss on Head-Fi happen to be sponsor-made products. I imagine, then, that this instills doubt with you about much of what I say. I understand that, and I can live with that.
I don't lie about my opinion. I don't say I think something sounds good that I don't think sounds good, sponsor or not. I don't say I think something sounds great that I don't think sounds great, sponsor or not. So when, in two videos (and in the upcoming gift guide), I said that I think the Stax SR-009 is the best sounding headphone ever made (to me, based on what I've heard, and my preferences), I said so because that is indeed my opinion.
And Stax isn't a sponsor. Never has been. I don't believe they've ever bought any type of ad here. Which means I think a non-sponsor's product sounds better than anything currently (or ever) made by our sponsors, and I've said as much several times.
Still, I don't expect you or anyone else to value that as anything more than my opinion, for whatever that's worth to you (if anything at all).
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They could have said what they were initially reporting as having said.  "People will buy it."  Also, they could have said "R&D".  Saying "doubling manufacturing costs" is pretty specific and I have no reason not to believe it.  Also, it wasn't like they made a press release and justified the price or that they even feel the need to justify the price to myriads of people attacking them from their keyboards.  They simply responded to one person (Tyll) who was asking in the interest of clarification.  So I guess I'm disputing:
1) That they needed to provide answer
2) Assuming my first statement isn't true, that the answer would have to be one of your options.

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