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Introducing Vokyl & The Erupt Headset

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  1. jsmiller58
    “It only has to be good for gaming.”

    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  2. jsmiller58
    I have a pair of Eikons and they sit as comfortably on my head as any cans I have, and more than most.
  3. CT007
    So that is succeeds as a product designed for audiophile gamers. If you make a set of car tires for Winter traction, which end up being terrible in Winter conditions but make great backyard lawn chairs, they're great for something, but will fail at market.
  4. jsmiller58
    (Edit: my response comes across more harshly than I really like or want. Not trying to beat anyone over the head. I just think that with relatively few exceptions we should all play down the absolutes in our statements... the world is seldom neat and orderly, particularly the way we want it to be...)

    Since you answered with an analogy, here’s one in return... if you make an SUV, it is possible to make one that will handle off road conditions and city streets. Here’s another, it is possible to make a pickup truck that can serve a farmer’s use and a suburbanite’s.

    Putting aside the pointless analogies... if you wish to stipulate that you are a world renown headphone designer and you can categorically say that the Vokyl can only succeed as either a gaming headphone or non-gaming, then I will stop right here and grant you your due. Otherwise I think it is pretty arrogant to dismiss any other use model.

    In your posts you have made your point absolutely clear. You want a gaming headphone. Clear. And Vokyl’s claims and marketing are clear - they want to be and claim they will be a killer gaming headphone. That they MUST deliver on because that is their promise. But for you to say it only has to be good for gaming is I think mistaken or arrogant, unless you know for a fact that if they go that route they cannot be good for music, and vice versa.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
    Raize likes this.
  5. abvolt
    Does anyone know if these hp's have been released yet thanks..
  6. elira
    Still in production, the delivery date for the indiegogo campaign has been delayed.
  7. CT007
    It's the same difference, to me. As long as...it meets it's intended goals, then it can also be a high-end lawn chair, set of ear muffs, fashion accessory, etc. In this specific case, I don't care how it performs with classical, electronic, or anything other than gaming. But if it were a more general headphone? Sure, I'd have other expectations. If you want to use and critique them for how they perform with music/audiobooks/smelting/air traffic control, go for it!
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
  8. jsmiller58
    Yes, your expectations should be met, because that is what the marketing has promised. But to come across as that was the only thing... I will give the benefit of the doubt that you were being more passionate than precise.
  9. HiP1
    Hi. Is there any news about what the latest prototypes sound like ?
  10. kenshinesca
    Headphones look really cool, but what I'm wondering is if they are going to be selling the boom mic separately. I don't think there is another mic adapter like this on the market. It's like a v-moda boom pro but for dual terminated 3.5mm headphones. I really hope you are going to sell this. You could also make a 2.5mm version like this as well and make a bundle.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
    Ted23 likes this.
  11. PacoTaco
    Do you guys have a demo pair at JDS Labs? I figured I'd ask since I'm only a good 30-40 minutes away.
  12. theotherjude
    Hey Paco! We currently don't have an in-house demo setup ready to rock, but its on our list. I can definitely shoot you a message when we've got our ducks in row there. Always nice to hear from another local :)
  13. PacoTaco
    Thank you! The Audio-game is kinda dry out here, so it's nice to have you guys in the neighborhood.

    While I'm at it, are you guys doing the headphone meet in June again?
  14. theotherjude
    Yep we'll definitely be doing a spring/summer meet! Gotta work out a date and we'll make it public.
  15. AudioManNewb
    I'm local as in kansas ks so roughly 4hrs away damn wish I had a chance to get my hands on one. Would love to put it to the test on my games I play Hunt Showdown which has really good 3D audio also play Battlefield.
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