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Introducing Vokyl & The Erupt Headset

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  1. CT007
    Comfort will probably be a bit of a toss-up, since Erupt will be heavier, but have a better fit & cushioning. The rest, should be an easy win for Erupt : ) Will be very interesting to hear the tuning changes happening next, probably all in the midrange.
  2. calebthelion
    Weight shouldn’t be much of a problem as long as the headband and pads are good. There’s no way they’ll be heavier than my ZMF cans and those are among the most comfortable headphones I own
    jsmiller58 likes this.
  3. CT007
    Yeah, if you're cool with anything remotely like Audeze weight, these will be fine =p They are on the weighty side(oops, I should have weighed them), but comfort is excellent, unlike many lighter phones such as my AD700X.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
  4. jdcincy
    Has there been a change to the release date (from Q1)? I noticed the indiegogo page now says May. Is that just for what's left to sponsor?
  5. Mshenay Contributor
    Oui your kinda close to me! *shakes digital hand* and yes kinda, the date has been pushed back a little as far as I know

    I believe the added time is for further development and refinement
  6. elira
    As long as they deliver a high quality product I don’t care about small delays, I already have more headphones than I should.
  7. Blinding
    I think the new date is for a new batch, if you check the price you will see it got raised and the states only 3 out of 100 claimed. If you read the comments page a developer said that the ETA for the 1st batch is March 2019.
  8. Selbi
    Sorry for the little bump, but I've only recently discovered these headphones.

    Are there any plans to bring these to Europe? Since the only preorder method at this point seems to be directly from Indiegogo, customs would eat up my budget rather quickly.
  9. elira
    These are made in the USA, my guess is that the price will be also bigger if they decide to have a dealer in Europe, considering they also have to pay taxes and pay the dealer.
  10. tehsaboteur
    I would hold up on joining the indiegogo considering they seem to be behind schedule according to the timeline on their page.
  11. heavyharmonies
    How do you figure? Units are supposed to ship "Q1 of 2019". That's any time before the end of March. Internal phases are always subject to shift.

    I'm not seeing anything on the Indiegogo page or in the updates or comments about a delay. The shipping target of May 2019 is for Wave 2, not those who were in Wave 1 in the original campaign.

    Just as a reminder for those who have never participated in crowdfunded projects before: There are always delays. If you are expecting immediacy and/or sticking to a specific schedule, you should not be participating in crowdfunding campaigns, but instead waiting until the product is available through retail channels.

    Set expectations appropriately.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
  12. tehsaboteur
    On their timeline it says T1 sample were expected in December but their most recent in Jan they said they just got their tools to test the equipment. I have only every packed two campaigns so far the other being the Verum one. That was a single man operation that provided weekly updates to their backers. My expectations are that with only a couple months left they would be able to provide at least the kind of updates that single man operation could. Plus they are still selling more headphones with the second wave.
  13. heavyharmonies
    Rather than relying on speculation, have you tried contacting them directly and asking them? I found the company owner to be quite responsive when I contacted them with a question shortly after I pledged.
  14. tehsaboteur
    Several backers have posted questions on their indiegogo page as well as tried to reach out on twitter with no replys. Has been radio silence since their last update two weeks ago. Would not be concerned if they still had active commication going.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
  15. tehsaboteur
    Looks like Jude Hopper finally replied to the questions posted on their page and stated they will have an update for everyone later today.
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