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  1. MoonAudio

    In Stock: Audeze Penrose Headphones for PlayStation

    Audeze Penrose gaming headphones are in stock! $299 Shop Now Prepare for a new legendary tier of gaming audio with Audeze's patented 100mm Planar Magnetic driver technology, lossless low-latency 2.4GHz Dual Wireless connection, and a newly designed broadcast-quality microphone. Penrose...
  2. RedJokr

    Gaming headphones recommendation for laptop?

    Ive scoured googles top results for "best gaming headphones" and it just doesnt feel as gratifying as a nice response from a member of Head-Fi if you know what I mean. I'm just looking for a headset I can use with my gaming laptop when i am at my girlfirnds house, plain and simple. I would like...
  3. AudiophileAri

    Turtle Beach Atlas Aero Headset + Atlas Edge Adapter

    Get the newest gaming headset from turtle beach which features Waves Nx spatial audio, superhuman hearing and control studio UI to customize your sound environment. I will include the atlas edge adapter which turns any headset into a fully capable Waves Nx and Superhuman hearing headset. $150...
  4. A

    PS4 gaming setup help

    hey guys! I play competitive call of duty - black ops 4 blackout. I was using the Astro a50 then switched to the a40 TR edition with mix amp pro. Obviously now I know they are an overpriced headset. As I started to browse for better options I came upon using audiophile or entry level audiophile...
  5. AEIOU9

    SOLD: Audeze Mobius Copper + Case, Mint Condition

    Purchased new from Audeze upon release. Item is in excellent condition and includes the: Audeze Mobius Copper Headphones Audeze Mobius Case Microphone Attachment USB Cable No trades, price includes shipping and PayPal fees.
  6. PureViewer4t1

    A Guide on Using Foobar2000 for Listening Music with ASUS ROG Centurion

    Just received my ASUS ROG Centurion gaming headset and man, I didn't expect this coming! I mainly bought it to watch movies and playing some games, but then I discovered a new way to listen to music. In this guide I will explain how to properly set Foobar2K to listen music with ASUS ROG...
  7. N

    Need help finding a new headset ( old broke )

    Hello, That's now 3 days my old Logitech G230 headset broke, and I would like to buy another one. I've already bought the Sennheiser Game Zero, but I returned it, because it has literally no bass. I want to use it for gaming ( all types of games ) and also listening music ( all kinds, mostly...
  8. O

    Which one for gaming (fortnite especially)

    I can’t decide which headset should i get but after along research i knew these the best i can get for my budget: Massdrop xSennheiser HD58X Jubilee/HD6XX Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO/880 PRO/770 PRO Audio Technica ATH-AD700x/AD900x/AD1000x AKG K7xx/712 Sennheiser 599/598 Philips x2hr/9500 i...
  9. projection903

    Recommendations for Gaming headphone and DAC/AMP for HD 6XX

    Looking for a new pair of gaming headphones (maybe for music as well) and a DAC/AMP for the HD 6XX and the new headphones for gaming. I want headphones that are good for FPS games (such as BFV, counterstrike, etc). After some research, the HD660S and Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro are the top...
  10. Audeze Mobius

    Audeze Mobius

    Features Planar magnetic drivers audiophile-grade cinematic sound Full 3D emulation with support for popular surround soundmodes (7.1, 5.1, 5.0, 2.1, 2.0) Integrated head tracking that tracks the tiniest movements of your head 1000 times a second Pin point sound localization Anatomy calibration...
  11. P

    Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd Gen) vs Philips X2/27 Fidelio

    Posting my first thread here as instructed. I understand that the comparison between the MMX 300 and the Fidelio X2 may be unfair because one is closed-back and the other an open-back (and the former a headset and the latter headphones). Moreover, this situation is further complicated by my...
  12. theotherjude

    Introducing Vokyl & The Erupt Headset

    Hey Head-Fi! The Vokyl team is excited to have officially launched our first product, the Vokyl Erupt. Here she is: Vokyl was started around 2 years ago by Nick of JDS Labs, frustrated with the sound and build quality of gaming headsets currently on the market. We started testing and...
  13. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    Wellcome to the Zone...

    Greetings, :warning: First of I would like to excuse myself for starting yet another "what do you recomend" thread, but as someone who has just started to deal with a problem of sound on my computer, I would like to hear your advice. I am looking for a set of headsets/headphones that will be...
  14. AndrewDafuqq

    Left Side of Sennheiser PC363D Not Working

    My reliable Sennheiser PC363D of 3 years has broke, the left side of the headset will not work unless tilted at a slight angle. I opened it up and this is what it looks like (Link for picture below) I don't see anything wrong but maybe headset enthusiasts can see what's wrong with it. I really...
  15. J

    Sennheiser gameone or steelseries arctis pro wireless?

    Hi I’m confused and which one should i get the. 1. sennheiser gameone with astro mix/amp It will cost me about 350$ Or 2. Steelseries arctis pro wireless And this one 360$ I’m on ps4 only ( no pc ) Please i need your help guys
  16. S

    Surround Sound Gaming Headset for the Playstation 4

    Hey everybody, This is my first post on this forum, so I hope I'm doing it good, if not, I'm sorry. I need a new gaming headset for my Playstation 4. I already have some I want to choose from: - Logitech G430 - Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum - Turtle Beach Stealth 700 The G933 and Stealth 700...