Left Side of Sennheiser PC363D Not Working
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Feb 12, 2017
My reliable Sennheiser PC363D of 3 years has broke,
the left side of the headset will not work unless tilted at a slight angle.
I opened it up and this is what it looks like (Link for picture below)
I don't see anything wrong but maybe headset enthusiasts can see what's wrong with it.
I really don't have enough money right now to be purchasing a new headset, so I'm trying to fix it.
I contacted Sennheiser Support but they were no help and the only option was to refund for a discounted newer model, which was not what I needed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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It is possible the driver has gone out, in which case you are sort of SOL. Unless you want to try to replace it, which may or may not solve your problem. You may be looking at a new headphone purchase... ---(

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