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Introducing Vokyl & The Erupt Headset

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  1. HiP1
    thanks ! that was very helpful.
    Indeed, Zeos was all over them but it seems he had a very special unit, as i could not find anybody else that heard what he described.
  2. elira
    Zeos had a pre-production unit, and they said they will do something close to what Zeos had. It might not be as close as people expected.
  3. Endymion Joshi Godrez
    Did you put other pads on them? Also, are you Justin from the indiegogo comment section?
  4. Endymion Joshi Godrez
    You have to keep in mind that the headphone z was comparing the erupt to was the x2, a headphone DMS said was not wide sounding at all. So this might be all a perception thing. Like remember when he said the lcd-x or the fiio fh5 sounded wide, yet literally no one else agreed stating that both had average soundstage.
  5. tehsaboteur
    Yeah Endy that's me. I'm currently using the Brainwavz velour ovals. I like these over the "holey" erupt pads but I like those over the solid. I hated the solid pads. https://imgur.com/a/OYrlqrw
    HiP1 likes this.
  6. Endymion Joshi Godrez
    I'm happy you're enjoying them now. To be frank, I've never heard a summitfi headphone that I didn't still feel the need to eq to my preference, so as long as the driver is good, I really don't mind tinkering with it.
  7. HiP1
    I already have the X2 and Mobius, so if these are not really wider, maybe I should not bother :)
  8. Endymion Joshi Godrez
    These have been universally considered to have good amount of soundstage from early impressions. Listen, I've heard the x2's, and though I did deem the soundstage to be somewhat large, but that might just be from their pretty poor imaging (sorry, I just really dislike them) which seems to be cursed by the sennheiser 3 blobs effect, were sounds only really come from the fount or directly from your ear outwards. What the erupt does exceptionally (from all early impressions), is vocal/ instrument separation and the accuracy of its imaging. These factors given how effective you are a locating things in a 3d space. It's exactly what you want out of a good gaming headset and a headphone in general.
    HiP1 likes this.
  9. HiP1
    ok thanks.
    but does it do that in the final production version ?
  10. Endymion Joshi Godrez
    Yes, thats what im talking about when I say "early impressions".
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