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Introducing Vokyl & The Erupt Headset

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  1. rantng
    At the price point, I would expect to see comparisons to the AKG K7xx or Sennheiser HD6xx.
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    I've got a K701 but this is a prototype so I don't want to do any comparisons until we finished the tuning and refinement tour and start the actual review Tour with the final consumer ready product
  3. Artyouth
    I think Army-Firedawg his comments exactly saying this sample have a Small soundstage. "Soundstage was fairly close. And vs the 800 um, 45-50ish"
    If I say 45-50ish of HD800 means smaller soundstage then HD600. I think no one will disagree. Even the Erupt is semi-open but soundstage smaller then HD600 is really not a good news.

    I'm just not sure what your comments say "spatial" is realated to soundstage or openness.

    For example my Alpha Dog can be say a Closed Back but it's soundstage is far bigger then my HD600. (Instrument postition are far then HD600)
    However HD600 have a more open sound then Alpha Dog. (ambient more extend and release then Alpha Dog)

    If you said spatial (openness?), and Army-Firedawg talk about soundstage. That's no contradiction here.
    But if spatial are also talking soundstage, here is a contradiction. That is what you say Different ears/reference points/testing.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  4. CT007
    Price is similar, but the rest isn't, so I think this is a very unique product. Brand new design, with different driver materials, angled drivers, and a non-house sound. Pretty awesome. ^ ^
  5. CT007
    Yeah, it's WAY bigger sounding than HD600. But anything larger than HD600 is easy to do, since it's so small. I've never heard HD800, so I can't comment, but this is the biggest headphone I've ever heard so far, very likely, and the most natural sounding large soundstage as well. It sounds a little bigger, or about the same, as AD700X/AD1000X, but vastly more accurate and clear.

    Spatial = soundstage; how large the environment sounds. Openness is related to the open/closed acoustics of the earcups themselves, to me. A closed headphone could sound somewhat spacious, but never as much, as 'open', as an open phone. And a fully open headphone(HD600) can have very poor spatial/soundstage performance.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
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  6. heavyharmonies
    "Small soundstage" regarding the Vokyl flies 180 degrees opposite initial reviews. Not sure what's going on. I was concerned when Vokyl said they were still tinkering with driver position and angle. If that reduced the size of the soundstage, that completely nullifies one of the major selling points of these cans. :triportsad:
  7. CT007
    I don't think anything has changed yet, though... But the model that Z had and the model on Tour 1 are apparently a little different. I believe changes are happening now, after Tour 1 and before(and possibly during/after) Tour 2.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  8. Mshenay Contributor
  9. Artyouth
    Yes soundstage is my major reason to back this. Also the clarity.
  10. Mshenay Contributor

    I've got a K702, I felt the K702 was a bit more forward in the mid range and my Chinese built variant [sadly I do not have a Austrian/Veeniean variant] is a bit less open than the Erupt is. I also prefer the low end on the Erupt over the K702, but I think the top end on the K702 is a little sharper which works to it's favor

    All in all when the production units are ready I'm pretty confident the Erupt will be a nice step up from the K702 for both gaming and music

    As for HD 800 comparisons, the HD 800 is still un touched in my book. Tonally there aren't many similarities either between the Erupt and HD 800 and technically the HD 800 is again on another level, I'm curious how @ZeosPantera Erupt is/was tuned different from the pre Production unit we had here on Head Fi,

    Either way the build is exceptional and the driver has a lot of potential!
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  11. ZeosPantera
    Well I sen't my unit back to JDS as they wanted to them check the tuning. They did mention the tuning was different for most of the pre's. They are going to take the pair I had and use it as the baseline for the production. So we will see how that turns out. I hope they can make that the consistent sound.
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  12. CT007
    I'm not buying it, though... =p You say you've heard things you haven't before with Erupt. Is HD800 soundstage just TOO massive..? I find it absurd to say Erupt is not a budget HD800, soundstage-wise : ( Especially if it's even bigger(and better) than K702/701! From an enthusiast gamer's perspective, at least.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
  13. Mshenay Contributor
    Heard things from my 3DS that I had not before! My HD 800 don't play nice with my 3DS

    An what separates the HD 800 from the K702 and Erupt is not only the size but the depth and relative placement, there's a pin point accuracy about it that pair'd with it's frequancy response results in a very natural but massive audible image

    The Erupt is similar in width and depth but isn't quite as natural or as pin point as the HD 800. Again we just had a pre production unit so I'm confident that with just a few minor changes to frequency response the final product will also have that naturalness.

    I guess the K702 also doesn't quite have that naturalness either, not that it sounds forced but it doesn't surprise me! The HD 800 surprises me sometimes, like I was watching FMA Brotherhood once and I heard a bird like... maybe 800-900 feet back in the scene, I didn't grasp that it was a bird but rather some odd distant audio quirk, but I went an re-watched the scene and sure enough it was birds, give that it was a forest shot that makes sense but to have the engineers layer it so deeply and to have the HD 800 pull it out so naturally surprised me!

    An maybe it was "exaggerated" but it felt correct at the time based on how far away the forest was visibly in the shot

    Re-watching with my K702 it was still there, just not as deeply and not as surprising

    I'll also mention my K702 doesn't much like the 3DS either lol! So it'll be excellent to have a headphone voiced like the Erupt that isn't as difficult to drive from portable sub-optimal audio devices like the HD 800 and K702 are
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
    CT007 likes this.
  14. CT007
    Ok, I'm SOLD! Sounds like budget HD800 to me ;D Pay +$1,000 for that extra ~10-20%. Erupt was designed to be this headphone, if any <$500 headphone is.
  15. calebthelion
    I hopped in the campaign pretty early on and for me I just want these to be a justifiable replacement for my K702. If they beat it out in comfort and have a decent soundstage with an emphasis on clarity I’ll be happy
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