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Introducing Vokyl & The Erupt Headset

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  1. Kainam
    Im here in KCK as well. :L3000:
  2. Tacanacy
    I got the Erupt yesterday. It was clearly rushed out the door as it has scratches/marks in several places and shoddy work on the elastic bands. The bands over the head strap aren’t properly seated either. I wish Vokyl didn't give into impatient and whining backers and took more time building the headsets and getting the finish right.
    The cups and yokes feel like they got heft and sturdiness to them, though. They feel extremely solid.
    The cables and the neck of the mic feel and look very cheap. The cables are very… springy and just want to tangle themselves. For reference, they’re several steps down from the DT990 and HD650 cables.
    I’ve given the Erupt only a few hours of listening time, so I won’t comment on the sound.
    A1.png A2.png 20190816_150520.png A6.png A3.png A4.png A5.png
  3. rantng
    That's disconcerting...
  4. jsmiller58
    Wow. Sorry - you definitely need to complain to them, keep posting here and on their campaign page. I hope they send you a new pair, AND as important learn from this so others don’t go through this. Given it costs them money to fix it hopefully they learn the value of doing it right the first time...

    I don’t expect mine to be shipped until late October at the earliest and hopefully they have this stuff sorted out by then...
  5. heavyharmonies
    Yeah, this crowdfunded effort has been decidedly disappointing with respect to the manner in which the company has handled things. I'll just leave it at that.
  6. rantng
    Although the delays are a little disappointing, if they can come through in the end with a quality product, I'm ok with that. This however, is not a good sign. @theotherjude We've waited this long for them, don't just rush them out in an attempt to get them in our hands.
    Zachik likes this.
  7. Zachik
    That is their first headphones (they're a DAC and amp company), and I think their first crowdfunded project... Was not a smooth sailing, but their heart is in the right place!
    I am sure they will improve their process and QC. Let's be patient for a little bit longer...
  8. tehsaboteur
    I picked mine up a couple weeks ago and there was a few minor pieces of plastic sticking out. Not sure of their process of attaching the plastic to the metal but it could use a little improvement. All in all they are a fun pair of headphones to game with I am waiting for my equipment to get to my new house to fully test them. Need a good amount of power to run them.
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  9. jsmiller58
    I might be wrong, but I thought that while the guys doing Vokyl are JDS Labs employees, this is actually not a JDS effort. They are doing it on their own time, and have the permission of their employer to use some unused facility space and unused equipment capacity. I thought that was an unimaginably generous arrangement (no employer I have ever been with would have allowed that), but that's how I remember it.
  10. Zachik
    I think you're right. Regardless, my point was still that it's their first headphones, and first crowdfunding, so they're probably going through growing pains. Totally understandable.
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  11. Tacanacy
    Build quality and ergonomic/comfort issues would be "growing pains". Scratches/marks are just carelessness.
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  12. theotherjude
    Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!

    We are still in the infancy of shipping and ironing out final QC processes, so anything to make those methods more effective is a huge help. Already just based on these pictures, Nick and I are realizing there are few extra things for us to look out for during assembly. For example, we’ve been looking at the headbands in the resting position (how they would be when not on someone’s head) and that would cover up any leftover flash on the inserts. Flash is the term used for those flappy leftover plastic bits on a molded part, like where the inner headband meets the aluminum yoke. They can be easily clipped off, but we agree, it does not belong on the finished product like that.

    We’re shooting for great looking headsets all around, but as this is a brand new product for us to put in the wild; we’re prepared to help with our goofs (which we’re sure will happen)! It would be a huge help and get any possible fixes started a lot faster if specific order issues were sent to hello@vokyl.io where we can track progress and match order numbers to headsets.

    Thanks again!
  13. Raize
    Just got my pair today and on first inspection mine don't have as many QC issues.
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