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IMR - R1 Thread

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  1. subguy812
    For the Zenith? I would recommend a smaller bore tip such as the Final Audio. The Final Audio is the tip I use with the Ares II and Black filter.
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  2. weexisttocease
    Thanks for the reply.

    I have the Zenith since last week, it's my first proper pair of iems but as I said before it's been difficult to get a good fit, especially with my left ear. I've only used so far the black filter as I want to get a good fit before testing the other filters. I'll give a try to Flare and Symbio. I really wish the the Zenith had the same fit of my B400s because from a few listens it sounds really good.
  3. weexisttocease
    Thank you very much. I'll buy a few if I can get a good fit.
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  4. weexisttocease
    Thanks. Where can I get Final Audio tips? I was about to buy the E5000 but the Zeniths promo code was too tempting.
  5. Sito Lupion
    For me, New Bee foam tips made the magic of the fit. They are very comfortable and cling to my ears like a child to his toy when you try to take it off... :slight_smile:
    They are also cheap, 12 tips for less than 10 dollars are a good buy.
    I am using blue filter and the sound is fantastic.
  6. capnjack
    I’m finding either the final audio Es or the symbio MandarinEs both to my liking with the Zeniths.
  7. bogginhead
    Anyone here possibly willing to trade some Flare Audio Audiophile earfoams for some Symbio W's? I'd be looking for medium in size. i've got about 6 new pair of W's in medium and a pair of the smaller bore in the same...
  8. cleg
  9. ejacobsen
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  10. capnjack
    I decided on nozzles (Pink r1z/Green Icarus III) and tips (Final Es) what is the choice cable for the Z? I’ve got an Ares II on order, but was curious what others are using? Oh, while I’m asking, what dap/set up are you pairing with them also? I’m pairing with a QP1R at the moment and it rocks!
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2019
  11. subguy812
    The QP1R is a great DAP, from all I have read and judging from my QP2R. I also like the DX120 pairing and it won't break the bank. Also, the Ares II is a great purchase, it pairs so well with many different IEM's, I think you will really like it.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2019
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  12. bogginhead
    Would anyone on here wanna trade some Flare Audio Replacement Audiophile earfoams for some Symbio W's? I have 6 pair or so in Medium, and one small bore Symbio in small. All brand new.
  13. 13gsc13
    I just obtained a used pair of acoustic R1
    I read thru every post and based on everything everyone said I bought them
    I have them on the orange filters and foam tips and they sound fantastic to my 61 year old ears
    Thank you to everyone who posted good and not so good things about them
  14. mdtolic
    @13gsc13 Welcome to the IMR thread Gord!
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