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IMR - R1 Thread

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  1. AudioJunki3
    Dedicated threat to the excellent IMR-R1!!

    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
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  2. HungryPanda
    Since I got mine they have been getting a lot of head time. Very good earphones
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  3. AudioJunki3
    Yeah they're really good! I'm hopefully getting a nice DAP soon to run them on, actually get the most out of them!
  4. HungryPanda
    Bob called me a basshead because I like the black filters they came with so it's time to try the others
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  5. AudioJunki3
    Haha, yeah I've been using the gold ones, still quite bassy but I find them quite engaging.
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  6. slitzx
    Interested in these, does anyone know how they compare to the PM4 or Master? I've had the PM4 for a while and love them but looking for a form of upgrade. I absolutely hated the cable design of the Master so I never had them for long. Was eyeing up the PM6 for a while but it doesn't seem to be available anymore. Would be interested to know if the bass can punch harder than the PM4.
  7. AudioJunki3
    The bass on these is quite impressive. It's extremely accurate. I know there aren't many reviews out currently so skepticism is expected. You've really gotta try them to understand, if you check out my review at the top of this thread it should tell you everything you need to know, I'm happy to answer any other questions.
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  8. Aevum
    i cant use my PM4 unless im using them with a Bluetooth cable, the normal cable is too heavy and falls out of the headphone :p
  9. slitzx
    I'm somewhat a bit of a basshead but do prefer quality bass over exaggerated quantity.

    Any ideas what each of the filters do? The PDF guide on the site doesn't mention them.

    @Aevum just above reminded me of the PM4 cabling. Any ideas what the 2 pin input is? I believe the early TA models used 0.75mm 2-pins, curious to know if it's still the same.
  10. AudioJunki3
    Yeah the gold and black filters will give you that vibe. Its a shock how much the filters actually change the earphones style. The cable on the IMR is very nice. wrap around ear style, the pins on this model seem to fit better to the actual earphone than the TA ones did.
  11. HungryPanda
    Tried the blue filters today, very neutral, sounded good. Going back to the black ones though as I love that sound
  12. slitzx
    Just sent an email to Bob about the pin type and besides getting back incredibly fast he's mentioned it's a 0.78 mm 2 pin connection and any aftermarket 0.78 mm 2 pin cables should work with them. Going to go ahead and grab a pair, thanks guys.
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  13. AudioJunki3
    That's awesome, you'll love them!
  14. slitzx
    Just received my R1 and to my surprise Bob had provided me with a Christmas card and a mini pack of Haribos! Was not expecting that at all, it costs hardly anything but it's the gesture that counts. Now to give these a spin.
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  15. HungryPanda
    Have enjoyed using the R1's over the past couple of days using the blue filters but think I will have to change back to the black ones
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