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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. vwong99
  2. audio123
  3. jmills8
    In my experience Beat Audios Virginia cable is the best ,soundwise, cable.


  4. vwong99
    I own an Effect Audio Thor cable (2-pin as well) for my 1964 V6S. IMO, the cable is not too bright (SPC) and not too warm. I do have fun listening to my V6S with this. But not the iT03 has robbed my love from my V6S:p:p
  5. Kerouac
    I also had a 1964 V6 Stage for almost a year. From memory V6S and IT03 are very different beasts, so they complement each other well I guess [​IMG]
  6. vwong99

    That'll be great if you are somewhere around Cheras area as I'll be meeting the person for audition of the cable.
    Maybe we can meet up tomorrow whilst demo my set?
    E1 is a poisonous place to be. 2 occasions there (1 for the Opus #1 and the other is iT03) and never make it out empty handed!!:D
    Hope uncle E1 never sees this post!! :o:o[/quote]
  7. vwong99
    Agreed. Not sure whether I'm the only having this kinda hearing sense. After almost 2 weeks hearing this Black gigantic beast, when I put back my V6S the sound seems to too bright for me. Seems like less natural now
  8. AlexiusC

    Hahaha! I wished I have the luxury of time tomorrow. Very packed day for me since morning. I wished I'm at some cafes doing my work, while listening to all the orchestra game music pieces. It's so musically beautiful to have a cup of coffee, doing work while smelling the great work of the baristas... [​IMG]
  9. vwong99
    That's too bad to hear you're packed on weekends. But my meet up is on Sunday. If you are good, just gimme a buzz
  10. AlexiusC
    Sunday? I might be able to squeeze some time out [​IMG]
  11. vwong99
    Squeeze it, man! If my calculations is correct, my iT03 should have passed the 150 hours mark. Now you'll be hearing the 'true' iT03 signatu:)re :)
  12. Richsvt
    As I wait for the Norne 8-wire Vorpal to arrive at my door for the IT03, I swapped out the stock cable for the ALO Tinsel one I had lying around. If I hear any differences, I'll post something. Not crazy about the tinsel cable, probably reason it was lying around. Not a bad cable, just hate that it is somewhat stiff and doesn't want to play nice. Trevor's cable are works of art and are so comfortable to wear.
  13. vwong99
    Thanks,bro. Would really appreciate your kind impression on this tinsel cable.
    Not saying the stock is no good but the addiction of getting better SQ never stops. Just an old saying that still best till now.. nothing is the best, only better it is:o:o
  14. AlexiusC
    Alright dude! Mind if you PM me your details as well as the time/location? 
    If we can do so at a cafe, I'll be glad to buy you a cup of coffee. :D
  15. Richsvt
    The IT03 with the tinsel cable is good. I think I can hear a better transition from mid to highs. No better extensions anywhere else. Nice details coming through. Hate the microphonics. Still too hard to keep from twisting on itself. Can't wait for the new Vorpal to arrive.
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