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IBasso Audio IT03

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  1. Vulpix0r
    ******, I went to try out the IT03 out of curiousity from this thread at a local shop today, and was blown away. I ended up walking out of the store with it. It's been a long time since I was blown away by an IEM. Metal music sounded so ****** awesome that I could not stop nodding my head to the beats. It worked so nicely with my LG V20 too.
    Thanks again guys.
  2. AlexiusC
    By the way, which firmware are you on for DX90? Fellow DX90 user here~ [​IMG]
    Congrats mate! It's time to run in those 150 hours [​IMG]
  3. omastic
    Yes,I agree the Martian probably is a bit more linear overall but I also don't want to overemphasize the IT03's V shaped nature. It has a strong treble and a particularly strong bass presence but IMO the enhancement in both the extremes isn't overdone. The Andromeda, for example, is not that far away in terms of bass presence when paired with a very low impedance source. And ofcourse the 2 don't sound similar. However I do believe they are technically on the same level. 
    The Martian's bass performance really is all about the detail and texture it offers, quantity wise its on the leaner side for sure.
  4. dafos58
    Hi AlexiusC, I use fw 2.5.1L2 at this moment. For me, it works without noticeable problems and sounds great.
    Ibasso really made a winner for this price. I'm curious about the sound difference after 150 hours. Will this illness ever stop. 
  5. AlexiusC
    Gotta say, I can't help feeling you as well!
    Bros in arm dude! [​IMG]
  6. dafos58
    We're all brothers in this non curable illness and addiction. I blame Ibasso for this!!! Those Chinese guys are not to be trusted. 
  7. Kerouac
    Exactly this (the bold part)!!! [​IMG]
    I already knew there were more addicts in this small country. Nice to see another one [​IMG]
    Haven't tried the QP1R yet, but it's also still on my shortlist...
  8. dafos58
    Great to meet another addicted Dutchie! If you're able to try the QP1R/IT03 combination, leave your bank card at home [​IMG].
  9. pedronet
    I'm gonna check it out, thanks [​IMG]
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I tried IT03 from my Tralucent DAC, not sure I was content with the sound when the DAC was feed from Shanling M3 optical out .I still think they sound best directly from Shanling M3 headphone out. Seems to add a little more transparency and clarity. Funny thing synergy, can make or break opinions.
    @nmatheis did you say you find the highs edgy with Shanling M3? I hear a little peak somewhere at times, nothing overly intrusive with Shanling M3.
    What I'm impressed with is how IT03 can remain coherent when under load or raising the volume, they hold their own.
    Once you adjust they definitely put on a show.
  11. pr0b3r

    Don't know exactly what to make of this. The IT03 sounded more pleasing to my ears with the oldy but goody ipod 5g than with my cayin i5. Sounded more bright and clear. From the i5, they sounded dark but the detail was awesome. Does this mean I have heightened tolerance on brighter sound? If other people here can try this and give their impressions, I will be truly glad and thankful. You can call me a newbie so I'm not quite sure how to describe what I was hearing.

    By the way, the IT03 has just been burned in for about 20 plus hours.
  12. klove4252
    I don't really remember the sound of that iPod off the top of my head, but it might just be your preference for a brighter source. I've heard great things about the i5, but that it is also warm especially when paired with the iT03. What you are hearing is pretty much the beauty of owning multiple DAPs. They typically produce their own unique sound. If I use the Mojo with the IT03 it sounds pretty different compared to when I use the Opus 2. 
  13. pr0b3r

    I own a Mojo too but not the special coaxial cable. How does it change the sound of the i5? I'm worried it will be more warm since it's the Mojo we're talking about here. I hope you can give me some idea. Thanks in advance!

    Sorry for being off topic on this one. I still intend to use my IT03 with that setup once I get the proper cable.
  14. apaar123
    How does it compare to RHA t20 and dunu 2000j?
  15. nmatheis Contributor
    H20Fidelity: Don't think I said that I got sharpness with Shanling M3. From memory, I did with Cayin N5 and LPG. So far, I think my best pairings are with Shanling M5 and Mojo. For me, both of those control IT03's bass well, bring mids forward, and make the top end smoother without losing a lot of detail and not compromising on soundstage.
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